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Build a customizable, LIVE races that makes you stand out!

If you are trying to plan any virtual running races in 2021, look no further! Charge Racing offers live, virtual races and events that connect you and your runners together in the most engaging and exciting way possible. You pick the distance, whether they’re virtual 5K races, 10K’s, half-marathons, or full marathons. Using the technology of our live leaderboard, chatroom, and personalized audio, Charge Racing provides your runners with the feeling of an in-person road race, while still being a fully virtual run event.

Though it may seem like a lot of work, virtual events are our specialty. We make the process extremely easy while personalizing it to your specific event. With Charge Racing, you can increase your revenue and donations, retain your sponsors, raise additional awareness for your cause, and give each runner an incredible experience.

Imagine a LIVE Race Announcer welcoming you in to your event, a live leaderboard updating your stats in real-time, and racing at the same time as other runners from all over the world!

How do you host a virtual race with Charge Racing?

1) Pick a date/time distance

We’ll work together on selecting the perfect race date and start time for you and your runners, just like an in-person event.

2) Set up registration and payment

You’ll collect all the payment and registration information on your end. If you need help with this, we have a team ready to help get you set up.

3) Decide on Swag or other perks

Are you offering shirts, bibs, or medals? Our live chat is an opportunity to receive great promotional material from your runners for your next race!

4) Market your event

You can promote the event yourself, or we can market your event through our huge network of runners and racers through email and social media.

5) Join the live virtual event on your race day!

On the date and time of your race, runners from all over the world join in together to run, race, and cheer each other on every step of the way

Why host a virtual event?

Virtual racing is here to stay. You can continue to build the relationship with your runners, vendors, volunteers and raise money THIS year. Start now, and continue to grow your community for more successful future events. Hosting a virtual event is cheaper than an in-person event and has the potential to raise even more money! Your runners no longer are forced to meet at a specific location. With Charge Racing, you can take your virtual 5K race or other events global! 

Reach out if you are wanting to learn more about Charge Racing!

How are Charities offering virtual runs?

Option 1: Standard Virtual Running Races:

  1. You make a registration page
  2. Runners sign up
  3. They run a certain distance
  4. Maybe they submit their time via email or online

Option 2: Charge Racing Virtual Events:

  1. Runners sign up for their race and are sent an exclusive link to enter into your race day event and can start to prep for success!
  2. On the day of the event, a special guest or certified running coach will welcome them to the race while you get ready for your own course.
  3. At the virtual starting line, they’ll hear the National Anthem, and the countdown… 3, 2, 1… GO!
  4. Instantly they are running with others in real-time from all over the world.  Send sweaty selfies, cheer each other on to the finish line, and encourage each other to donate to your amazing cause.

With Charge Racing, you are never alone, you have a community with you, and you have the closest thing to an in-person event. You can customize your event from start to finish however you’d like, which makes it the best way to offer virtual running races in 2021. 

Have any questions? We’d love to help! Learn more by connecting with one of our Partnership Specialists!

What Charities have hosted virtual run events through Charge Racing?

Charge Racing has hosted events for over 30 different charities and organizations. We’ve also celebrated many other events, including the Boston Marathon. Here are a few notable charities and foundations who we’ve hosted virtual racing events for:

World Wildlife Foundation Virtual Run Event
World Wildlife Foundation
Team Maggies Dream 5K Race
Team Maggies Dream
Heroes For Hope 5K Race Event
Heroes For Hope
Challenged Athletes Foundation Walk/Run 5K
Challenged Athletes Foundation

Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation Virtual Race Event
Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation
Joe Andruzzi Foundation Virtual Event
Joe Andruzzi Foundation
Team MR8K 8K Race
The Martin Richard Foundation
SEAL Future Foundation Virtual Run Event
SEAL Future Foundation
David Portnoy Memorial 5K Virtual Race
Barstool Sports

How are charities raising money during covid-19?

According to The Nonprofit Times, 67.9% of charities have seen a decrease in contributions since the pandemic. The events that charities normally have been canceled. In order to keep fundraising, charities need to put on virtual events. Since April 2020, Charge Racing has helped charities raise over 2.5 Million dollars! This is not your average virtual race. You can be the organization that sticks out and puts on an event to remember. 

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What makes virtual racing with Charge Racing so awesome?

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