Winter Running Gear: 2020 Best Buys

Coach Casey · November 5, 2020

Every year, here at Charge Running, coaches have a respectful yet animated debate about the best time of year for running. Some coaches land firmly on the Summer side of things, while others fervently push their opinions on the benefits of Fall running. Either way, few, if any, are willing to die on the hill of Winter running and the necessity of Winter running gear. That is, until now.

I stand here, as a proud coach, runner, and winter running enthusiast. Don’t hate me. Don’t dismiss me. Just take a moment to hear me out. Winter running is a game of strength and resilience. It turns runners into RUNNERS. While others may cut back on their running and instead turn to hot cocoa and snuggling by the fire, Winter runners lace up, stack their 4+ layers and head out. You don’t have to be the fastest runner to have a good Winter of training. You don’t even have to be the most experience. All you need is consistency, perseverance, focus, and of course, the right Winter running gear!

From a current Winter runner to all of you future Winter runners, here is the best, affordable, Winter running gear for 2020. Time to join me on the hill!

Winter Running Gear: 11 Best Buys!

1. Buff Original – Multifunction Headgear/Face Cover

Multifunctional indeed! Cover your head and/or face to stay warm, fight the cold wind, and follow any local mask/face covering mandates. They come in all types of unique colors and designs to match your style and outfits.

Buff Original

2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost – Face and Hand Serum/Cream

Skin care maybe isn’t the most exciting or sexiest thing in terms of Winter running gear, but it’s very important. Protect your face, hands, and overall body from the Winter elements by using some of Neutrogena’s hydro boost line of products before heading out the door.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Serum

3. Skida – Winter Hat/Headband

A mainstay on our Winter running gear lists for a while now, Skida is the perfect brand for running hats and headbands. Based in Vermont, where Winter is practically a religion, they’ve got lined and un-lined options in various patterns and prints for a reasonable price. They’re made for the outdoors!

Skida Winter Hat

4. FlipBelt – Reflective Running Belt

Visibility plus functionality. Not only can the FlipBelt store all necessary Winter running objects (hand warmers, phone, keys, energy gels, etc.), but the fully reflective fabric adds an extra level of safety and security to your runs.

FlipBelt Reflective Running Belt

5. Nite Ize SlapLit – LED Running Light 

When it gets dark before 5pm every day, having an LED running light is important. The SlapLit is simple and reliable. It snaps on to your arm or ankle and provides plenty of illumination to keep you safe mile after mile, no matter the darkness.

Nite Ize SlapLit LED Light

6. Smartwool PhD Pro Endurance – Running Socks

Warm and breathable, these merino wool socks can be used throughout the year for running. They will keep your feet dry and just the right temperature no matter the weather conditions. A beautiful pairing of Smartwool’s tech and ultra runner Rob Krar’s experience. Again, any product that’s functional and comes in a variety of prints and colors is worth having.

Smartwool PhD Pro Endurance Running Socks

7. Under Armour Convertible – Running Gloves

Don’t know if you’re more of a gloves or mittens type of runner? No problem! The Under Armour Convertible running gloves can be both. Plus they keep your hands perfectly warm and allow you to still play around with your phone without taking them off. Perfect!

Under Armour Convertible Running Gloves

8. Brooks Notch Thermal – Running Hoodie

While this won’t help you by itself in a blizzard, it’s a perfect extra layer and won’t break the bank either. Made by runners, for runners, it’s lightweight and warm while providing plenty of mobility.  

Brooks Notch Thermal Running Hoodie

9. ASICS Race – Running Tights

A good pair of running tights never goes out of style. The ASICS Race tight isn’t reinventing the way tights are done but is making a great, reliable product. They’re breathable, warm, and mobile in any Winter conditions.

10. Jaybird Vista – Wireless Waterproof Headphones

We all know that you’ll need some tunes to keep you company as you become a Winter runner. The Jaybird wireless headphones are fully waterproof meaning they’ll hold up to snow storms or rain. Plus, they’re the perfect size to fit comfortably under a Winter hat/headband.

Jaybird Vista True Wireless Headphones

11. Fancy Hot Chocolate!

Alright, alright. I know. I said that Winter runners would be out busting miles in the cold while others sit inside and drink hot chocolate, but after a strong, cold run you deserve that hot chocolate! Splurge a bit. Treat yo’ self. Whatever your fancy there are some great dark chocolate, Mexican hot chocolate, and ultra-fancy hot chocolate options out there. 

Hot chocolate

Whether you’re a true Winter Runner or not, join Charge Running today to get all the virtual training and coaching you need to succeed! Real-time coaching from certified, professional trainers along with a global running community!

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