Winter Running Clothes: Fashion + Function!

Coach Casey · February 10, 2020

Okay, back to reality this week, no more summer talk. It’s winter time after all! Surviving the winer, whether you’re in the land of snow, ice, or moderate rain and 70 degrees, takes some preparation. You’re looking for warmth, wind protection, rain resistance and, as always, style! Keep moving day in and day out, no matter what’s going on outside, and set some fashion trends with a comprehensive list of all the fashionable and functional pieces of winter running clothes you need this year!

Winter Running Clothes

Winter running clothes at work!


Keeping the extremities warm is of the utmost importance during the winter. That warmth starts with the head. Keep your head and ears warm and the rest will follow. As is our goal here though, your hat choice also has to be sleek and stylish. In comes Skida! We at Charge have praised this company before but they’re just too cool not to mention again. All types of patterns and colors combined with different fleece-lined styles make these hats as functional and fashionable as possible. Did we mention they also make dope headbands?!?!

Long-sleeve/Pullover – Base Layer

Start with the base layer and build out from there. The key to a good winter running wardrobe is proper layering. A strong, warm layer starts with the long-sleeved shirt of pullover. Either way, whether you’re looking for a 1/4 zip or a simple crew neck, Smartwool has got the gear for you. Get your outfit going with any base layers from their Merino 250 line. They have a range of classic and more “out there” colors/patterns including mosaic, blue medallion, and “habanero margarita!”  No chaffing due to their flat lock seams and 100% merino wool to keep you warm and dry. Win! Win!


With base layers (top and bottom) acting as the true foundation of a good winter outfit, the pants/tights are the real warriors. They take most of the beating from the wind, snow, rain, and sleet and tend to be used again and again and again. With that in mind you don’t just want a pair that can hold up to Mother Nature’s wrath. You’ll also need some that accent the colorful, pattern-flooded pieces you’re also wearing. For durability and sleek, simple fashion, go with Arc’teryx. Their pants and tights are built for trail running, trekking, and skiing/snowboarding so you know they’ll hold up to the daily road run. Slim but roomy, breathable yet warm, simple yet eye-catching, they’ve got it all going for them!


Extremity number two. The hands. Keeping your hands and fingers warm during a winter run ranks right up there with keeping your head warm. Everyone has their preferences, gloves versus mittens. However, in a world where we can have it all as runners, why not have both! Check out the Pearl Izumi PRO Lobster Glove. It’s a combination glove/mitten made of entirely waterproof and cold-resistant material while rocking a fleece interior to keep your hands extra cozy. Now, I’ll be honest, there’s not much to say on the fashion front, they are called “lobster gloves” after all. I guess sometimes you actually can’t have it all!


Now while you don’t necessarily need a different pair of winter running shoes, you absolutely need a pair of winter running socks. They need to be warm day in and day out but also not so thick that they can’t fit comfortably in your running shoes. That’s a fine line to walk in the world of socks. Lucky for you there’s Darn Tough. Hailing from a place that now winter and outdoor activity very well, Vermont, they make a product ready for anything. Check out their THERMOLITE and merino wool options in every possible sock height. Built for the outdoors, the patterns and colors are fun but functional, featuring mountain scenes, snowscapes and classic geometric fun.


The final piece to the perfect set of winter running clothes, the jacket! It’s got to be wind resistant, cold resistant, rain resistant but can’t weigh you down during your trial of miles. Enter the Brooks Canopy Jacket. The perfect, slim fitting, light but warm running jacket to pair with your super base layers. Famously worn by Olympian Desiree Linden during her 2018 Boston Marathon victory, in an essential monsoon, you know it can handle speed AND weather. In a variety of dark and light colors it matches any palette and can be packed up into a portable bag for easy transport. If you’re looking for a step up, go for the Elite Canopy Jacket. I’m not 100% sure there’s a difference other than price but I’m a sucker for reflective colors and anything “Elite!”

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