Charge’s Track Days: Your Virtual Track Workouts

Charge Running · December 20, 2018

We’ve had many successful weeks of Track Tuesdays and Thursdays. More and more runners are joining each week for the track workouts! Awesome!!!  We’ve had tons of runners showing up (despite a few admitting they were intimidated but did it anyway) and had a BLAST!!!

So, what are Track Tuesdays and Track Thursdays?

Track Tuesdays/Thursdays were created by former Charge trainer and marathoner, Melissa. They are now coached by Coach Lindsay and Coach Betsy! They all know how beneficial track workouts are, but how hard it can be to get into the habit of doing them. The habit is even harder to form when first starting your training. Even when training with a team, Coach Melissa would be so scared of those track workouts. However, once she met up with her team, she got the hard work done and it paid off. Even without a strong running background, weekly track workouts can contribute the most to overall fitness, speed, and performance. So, with that in mind, Coach Melissa created Track Days for runners to have fun, work hard, and make daunting track workouts less scary!

Track Workout Days are for everyone, regardless of your speed or the distance that you are training for. The goal of the workout is to imagine yourself training on a running track.  A typical outdoor track is a safe, clear, flat and accurately measured oval. Each lap is exactly 400 meters, or roughly ¼ of a mile. Through running varying distances and paces on a track, runners start to learn and become comfortable with their own specific paces. One to two track workouts per week is all you need since you’ll be reaching tip top speeds and max effort durations. Since we cannot measure meters during Track Days, Charge trainers calculate the time that it would take the “average” person to complete a set distance and go by time.

Come on out, join Charge for a Track Day workout and see what all the fun is about!

The Reviews are in: Users LOVE Track Days!

“Love the music. Great run. Thank you!” – Amanda

“The best!! OMG Love your Tuesdays.” – Claire B. 

Hop right in to our next Charge Track Day on Tuesdays or Thursdays by signing up for your Charge Running membership today!

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