Treat Yo’ Self: 8 Easy and Tasty Running Treats!

Coach Casey · August 3, 2020

Y’all deserve a treat! Pre run or post run, or even on a day when you don’t run, take care of your body and soul with some healthy, easy, delicious running treats. These recipes are great for runners, can be made easily and provide all the necessary fuel, macro- and micronutrients that you’ll need each day to keep training and see that awesome running progress. No guilt here!

There are dozens of recipes out there for every single one of these tasty, easy treats, but we’ve picked our favorites and provided the links in the titles to get you started in “treating yo’ self!”

8 Tasty, Easy, Running Treats!

1. Hearty Homemade Granola

Homemade granola lasts for ages and is perfect for breakfast or a snack. Fully customizable (as long as you include oats of some sort), granola is a great, easy treat that can be made in advance and feed you for days, or weeks! It can accompany yogurt, milk, fruit, applesauce (that’s my secret shame) and really just about anything else. One could say that homemade granola is the Jon Hamm of snacks…it can be added to anything and will make it better and sweeter!

Jon Hamm being awesome!

2. Quinoa Maple Pancakes

The breakfast of champions! Make them for yourself. Make them for your family. Just make them! Way more nutritious than your standard flapjacks, these are packed with protein and carbohydrates to restock your body. If you’re a morning runner these should be your new go-to for “second breakfast.” They’re sweetened without sugar and give you the chance to brag to all your friends, “yeah, I eat quinoa for breakfast!”

Quinoa pancakes!

3. No-Bake Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Who doesn’t like a treat that requires no actual baking??? Furthermore, who doesn’t love peanut butter??? Now, while peanut butter is not a required element of these delicious, nutritious homemade granola bars, you do need some type of strong binding agent for the bars. Granola bars generally are classic running treats. You can make these quickly and easily at home though, to your specifications and know that you’re getting a protein-packed snack for pre or post workout each day. 

No-bake granola bars!

4. Pumpkin Whole Wheat Muffins

Good for breakfast, snack, dessert, and pretty much any other time of day, these muffins are a winner! While you may consider anything “pumpkin” a Fall-only treat, you’d be wrong. We’re not talking about pumpkin-spice lattes here, we’re talking about a hearty, nutritious and delicious muffin. There’s no specific season for this level of goodness! Whole grains make all the difference here. You get the complex carbohydrates your body craves without subjecting yourself to bland taste common in some whole grain treats.

Pumpkin whole wheat muffins!

5. Trail Mix/Oatmeal Cookies

Formerly the bane of so many children that just wanted a chocolate chip cookie, oatmeal cookies are making a comeback! Especially among active folk who are looking for a sweet running treats, a flashback to childhood, and a nutrient-rich snack. There are numerous varieties of oatmeal cookies but the best are those that put oats at the forefront of the recipe and add in dried fruits, nuts, and obviously a bit of chocolate! 

Trail mix/oatmeal cookies!

6. Coconut Almond Energy Bars

Natural ingredients, no butter, and packed full of protein and energy, these bars are perfect running treats. Sweetened with honey and vanilla and filled with raw ingredients you’ll get the calories and energy your body needs after a hard run or workout while also fulfilling that sweet tooth. Going for a long day of cross training? Maybe a bike ride or a hike? Take a few of these with you to supply enough fat and protein to stave off hunger and enough energy from the oats and dates to keep your body moving!

Energy-filled nut bars!

7. Fruit Smoothies

Well-made fruit smoothies can be the peak of refreshing, delicious, and nutritious snackage when done properly. The key is a good complimentary mix of fruit, the proper consistency with some plain greek yogurt added in, and packing it with plenty of iron with a handful of spinach! You can take any one of many fruit smoothie recipes and put your own, personal twist on it. A truly customizable option perfect for post-run refueling on a hot, long day!

Delicious fruit smoothie!

8. Pizza

Okay, I realize this is a bit of a stretch for a “snack” but let’s be honest, we’re runners, the term “snack” is VERY relative. Homemade pizza is amazing for anytime of day and deserves attention here. The simplicity of a healthy, hearty dough (or flatbread) prepared in advance and then topped with a mix of vegetables, lean meats and a light layer of cheese is maybe the truest version of “treat yo’ self!” Maybe don’t do this for dinner every night but I truly believe that Fridays were created so that people could kick back, watch a movie, and eat homemade pizza. 

Homemade pizza!

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