Tools for Runners: Make the Most of Quarantine

Coach Casey · May 11, 2020

With more time spent at home these days it’s easy to feel like you can’t get in the same level of training or running development you could when you were outside more or had access to a gym facility. We’re here to change your mind on that! There are plenty of tools out there for runners that can help improve and add to your recovery, strength, and training routine. We’ve compiled a list of 8 key at-home tools for runners that you can use to make the most of your time in quarantine!

8 Tools for Runners at Home:

1. Compression sleeves

Rockay Blaze calf sleeves

Compression sleeves and socks aren’t just for running! With so much additional time spent in your house, probably seated, it’s important yo take care of your body. Invest a few pairs of good calf compression sleeves or socks to wear during the day. You don’t have to be working out to take advantage of the benefits of lower-leg compression.

Charge Recommended Brands: Rockay Blaze, Blitzu

2. Alternative Rollers

RAD Helix roller

Of course every runner should have a traditional foam roller (extra firm in my opinion), however, there are some alternative rollers out there that are EXCELLENT for added muscle recovery. With different shapes, textures, vibrating elements (yes, you read that right), and purposes, the choices are endless. Choose an alternative roller that compliments what you already have. More time at home means more opportunity to solidify your rolling routine and mix it up a bit. 

Charge Recommended Brands: RAD Roller (Helix), R8 Roll Recovery 

3. Training Log

Believe brand training journal

Now’s the perfect time to take a slight step back, reflect on your previous training and plan ahead accordingly! With all the changes to the race calendar and restrictions on training, take some time to make the appropriate changes to your fitness plan and running calendar. Using a well organized Training Log book is the best way to go. It’s like a diary and dream journal combined, just for runners! Every time you get the urge to sit down and binge episodes of Friends or Hell’s Kitchen, instead start with 15-20 minutes of planning in your Training Log.

Charge Recommended Brands: Believe Logbook/Journal

4. Pillow

Plixio pillows

What better time to work on getting more and better rest? No more morning commute to work, or rush to get the kids on the bus to school, means that you have a bit more time to focus on sleep. Take the necessary steps to make sure that you’re taking full advantage of this. You’ll need to not only get into some positive sleep habits (no screens 30 minutes before bedtime!), but also give your body the necessary tools to conquer deep sleep. That all starts with the pillow! Getting the right, higher-quality pillow can make all the difference in producing a deep restful sleep. While everyone has a pillow preference, buying a $1.99 from the bargain bin is a bad call for anyone. Even a moderate investment in a high-quality pillow can be life changing!

Charge Recommended Brands: Plixio, Beckham Hotel, Casper

5. Epsom Salt/Bath Bombs

Rocky Mountain Soap Bath Salts

Relax in a bath! It sounds wonderful because it is wonderful! No offense to showers, they’re great too, but there’s nothing quite like a long hot bath after a long run or intense workout when it comes to muscle relaxation. Add an extra element of muscle relaxation and repair to your bath with epsom salt or bath bombs. No need to feel rushed these days, kick back and relax a bit while the epsom salt releases magnesium and sulfate ions to aid relaxation, decrease restlessness and soothe sore muscles.

Charge Recommended Brands: Rocky Mountain Soap (Sport Bath Salts), Dr. Teal’s

6. CORE sliders

Elite Sportz Core Sliders

We all know that a strong core is a must when it comes to running. Your strength and good posture resonates from your core so having a consistent core exercise routine is a must. Simple, at-home tools to keep your core stable and strong are easy to find. Core sliders are a great, multi-functional tool that can be used to enhance or create new, effective core exercise movements at home. From mountain climbers, to knee tucks and planks to pikes, using a set of core sliders can make the most of your at-home exercise time.  

Charge Recommended Brands: Elite Sportz, LYOU

7. Resistance Band Set

Bodylastic Resistance Band set

Recovery and rest are incredibly important for runners, and now more than ever you can increase your rest and recovery time. Additionally, now while you’re at home, it’s time to increase your strength training. You don’t need to be doing 400b deadlifts, but added work with a simple set of of resistance bands is a great strength tool. Getting a set of resistance bands (ranging in resistance weight) provides ample opportunity for a variety of strength movements. With one proper set you can do upper body, lower body, core, and flexibility exercises that will have incredibly positive effects on your running.   

Charge Recommended Brands: Bodylastics, GoFit ProGym

8. Blender/Shaker Bottle

Blender Bottle

More time to make a balanced meal? More time to focus on your running nutrition? While spending a bit more time at home start increasing your nutrient intake. You don’t have to be consumer of super-muscle protein shakes to make good use of a shaker or blender bottle. These are great for smoothies, more nutrient-rich shakes, and recovery drinks. Getting one that you can use at home and while you’re out and about (6 feet from everyone) is key! Find a good blender/shaker bottle to support your nutrition goals!

Charge Recommended Brands: Contigo, Blender Bottle

Don’t feel like you can’t make exceptional progress in your training, recovery, and progression just because you’re at home more often. Take advantage of some extra time in the day or some extra flexibility of schedule to perfect the art of running and training. Use these at-home tools for runners, and keep your athletic development going!

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Anonymous · May 11, 2020
Great list
Anonymous · May 20, 2020
Dearest CHARGE!!! I am not a runner, however I have been a fan of one of your coaches for at least 35 of her running years! I logged on to one of her runs last weekend and was surprised beyond belief at the professionalism, fabulous diction and caring voice, which came through my phone! She LOVES to run! She LOVES CHARGE! SHE LOVES life! She LOVES her family. And, I LOVE her! What a blessing to have a daughter who is so vibrant and so full of whatever it is that I wish we could all have to make it through this crazy time. I'm the luckiest mom in the world to have BETSY MAGATO as my daughter!!!

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