Running During Vacation: 6 Easy Tips

Coach Casey · June 24, 2021

It’s vacation time! Take a break. Get out of town for some adventure and fun! However, just because it’s a break from normal life doesn’t mean you need to miss time when it comes to your training or running during vacation. With the proper planning, approach, and mindset, you can enjoy every second of your vacation while still keeping up with your training/running log. 

No one at Charge Running ever goes on vacation because we’re 100% committed to all of our runners…but if we did go on vacation, you better believe we’d keep running! From the minds of all of our certified, professional, running coaches, we’ve come up with 6 simple tips to maintaining your running during vacation. Enjoy!   

6 easy tips to keep running during vacation!

6 Tips for Training/Running During Vacation

1. Just Run

As runners we know, ironically, that you can’t just run in order to run…does that make sense? Running successfully takes a multitude of added, supplemental physical activities. Weight lifting, cross training, low-impact aerobic conditioning, core, yoga, etc. Many of these activities come into play on a weekly basis for most runners. When on vacation, focus on the fundamentals. Focus on running. You may not have the consistent access to space or equipment that you need to successfully maintain your other activities, and that’s okay. While on vacation prioritize your running and post-run recovery (stretching and the like). That’ll be more than enough for the time and will produce far more consistency!

2. Increase Intensity to Account for Lower Volume

That’s just a fancy way to say that if you need to decrease your mileage or running time consider increasing your pace/intensity slightly. Now, to be clear, we are not recommending making every run a max-intensity time trial. Instead, simply bring your pace per mile up by ~5 seconds for every mile you’re unable to run on a given day. The incremental increase in running intensity will offset some of your lost training volume without risking injury. It’s absolutely okay to alter your weekly mileage when on vacation. However, it’s important to find a few simple ways to maintain training development despite that. 

3. Mix Training into Your Vacation Plans

Exercise is exercise. You don’t have to change into a speed suit and put on your wraparound sunglasses to get workout benefits while on vacation. Consider making physical activity a central element of your vacation activities. This could include going for a scenic hike. Renting bikes to explore a new town or city. Walking to different sightseeing spots versus booking ride shares. All of these options maintain the sanctity of your vacation plans while providing added physical activity and aerobic benefits. 

Running during vacation can be done!

4. Keep it Simple

It’s as simple as that! When it comes to your training regimen during your vacation time, simplify things. Instead of scheduling a track workout, do a timed fartlek. Instead of hill repeats, consider a threshold run. Simplify your runs and workouts to account for a possibly unknown environment, facilities/routes, schedule, and energy level. Base runs are great! If you really don’t want the added stress of managing structured workouts while on vacation, just keep it simple with base runs. You won’t lose an ounce of fitness in the process and may even come out of your vacation feeling better than ever before!

5. Find a Training Partner

Having someone to join you on a run isn’t just a good idea for safety in a new area, but also will drastically increase your accountability and consistency. Running during vacation is hard enough, never mind doing it alone. Even if that person isn’t a runner, have them join you on a bike. If your partner doesn’t have any interest in going for quick swim, have them come down to the pool with you anyways. Whatever it may be, having an extra person along with will make it that much easier to get up and get after it each day!

6. Get Your Training Done Early!

We’re not all morning people, but on vacation you may have to be. Completing consistent training prescriptions while still having time for all your vacation activities may require some early mornings. Not only is your morning likely going to be your most free time of day, but it also will allow your to be fully present during your activities throughout the day. Having a run or workout still to be done hanging over your head throughout the day is no fun. You don’t want to have to consider effects on your base run later in the day while sitting down to an adventurous meal! You won’t enjoy having to skip a night out exploring because you have a tempo run to complete! Get up early. Get your work done and get on with the fun of the vacation day! Running during vacation can be done and CAN be fun!

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