The Power of Running: It’s Good for You and the World!

Coach Casey · June 15, 2020

Running has a long list of benefits. Ranging from the physical to the mental, emotional, and often spiritual, running can have a profoundly positive effect on those who enjoy it. The power of running reaches beyond just the individual benefits though, running benefits the world! The values inherent in running are positive and productive. The impact and results of running are beneficial on a global scale. As a runner, you play a key part in all the positivity that stems from running while also reaping the personal benefits.

Yes, as a runner and a running coach I may be bit biased, but I would venture to say that running is not just good, but it’s great for you and the world!

Why the Power of Running Benefits You and the World! 

1. Running is as quiet and personal or as engaging and social as you want it to be.

On any given day it is up to you how personal or social you want running to be. You always have a choice. No social interaction required but equally, no loneliness required. Running exists on a social continuum that you get to choose your position on each day. Maybe just having a running partner join you in silence is what you need. Maybe it’s a day when you want to laugh and chat nonstop with 10 of your closest friends. No matter what, running is intrinsic and extrinsic, introverted and extroverted all at the same time.

2. Running is a great equalizer.

Whether you start a run as a millionaire or as a broke college student. If you’re having to best day of your life or one of the worst. If you’ve run 100,000 miles in your career or haven’t even topped 100 meters, running is an equalizer. As soon as the run starts everyone is in the same boat. Everyone experiences the perceived effort of getting their legs moving. Everyone feels their heart rate and breathing patterns spike. Running creates commonality among each and every member of its club and leaves the differences at the door.  

3. Running does not discriminate based on ability or access.

The power of running comes from the fact that we can all run! No matter where we live, no matter what our backgrounds or access to training and equipment, we can all run. It’s a natural human motion that allows for anyone with a pair of shoes (or not) and commitment to become a runner. No fancy equipment or access to a training center necessary. There’s no renting of ice time or travel required. You don’t need years of running knowledge to handle the basics. Even if you can’t hit a fastball, drop in a layup, or execute a breast stroke, I guarantee you can run!

Running promotes interaction with every element of your environment.

4. Running promotes interaction with every element of your environment.

Running doesn’t create pollution or leave behind harmful trash. It doesn’t necessitate the removal and destruction of nature to build stadiums or arenas. Running to its core promotes an interaction and understanding of the environment. Running urges you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. To be aware of your surroundings and to be awed by what you see. Running forces you to be conscious of how your body move and how it moves through the environment. Try not paying attention to the beauty of what you’re running through and see how long it takes before you eat it tripping over a root!

5. Running allows for self reflection.

Whether you’re running with a large group or solo, you have mostly uninterrupted opportunity for self-reflection and thought. You have time and free mental reign to plan for the future or think about what you could improve on based on your path. You have a chance to be honest with yourself and take a hard look at your actions. Running can be a time to think of and celebrate those incredible parts of yourself and to contemplate your areas of growth and improvement. I think it’s hard to argue that we wouldn’t all be better off with a bit more time for honest self reflection!  

6. Running creates a global community.

There are runners everywhere! People from all walks of life from all over the globe share in one, incredible activity. Whether you’re a professional marathoner from Ethiopia, a high schooler in Kansas, or a run club fanatic in the Sweden, you’re all runners! The global running community can be one of the most supportive, positive, and collaborative of any activity. Runners travel all over the world to compete in races and challenges in remote corners, sharing culture, language, and experiences. With little rivalry and oftentimes friendship, running builds a community throughout the world.

7. Running is a common language.

While math may be the only truly universal language, I’ve got to believe running is a close second! Runners from any country throughout the world, speaking any number of dialects all understand the language of running. You can share in common understanding of the pain of a long, hard tempo run with any other runner. You can reminisce about the elation of finishing a race in a new personal best. These are just a few of the numerous shared experiences that running creates between people and that can be understood whether you speak English, Twi, Mandarin, Spanish, or anything else!

Running within itself is a life cycle.

8. Running within itself is a life cycle.

Don’t worry, this won’t be morbid. Running and being a runner is a great display of the circle of life. Within an individual run you begin slowly, unsure of the sturdiness of your first steps. Eventually you find your rhythm, your pace, and your confidence, really hitting your stride. There are inevitably ups and downs within a run that just have to be worked through one at a time. By the end you feel accomplished, exhausted, and ultimately can look back at it all with a sense of pride. Daily reminders of the ups and downs of life and the progress made from start to finish can only serve to benefit us all.

9. Running can’t be cheated or tricked.

A tough run is a tough run. A mile or kilometer is a mile or kilometer. There’s no cheating or tricking running. You cannot benefit from running by cutting corners or finding easy ways out. Running ALWAYS displays the difference between those who have committed to working hard the right way, and those who have searched for a quick, no-work win. With effort and passion running will reward you. With masquerading and fabrication running will expose you. If nothing else, we can learn from running that taking the honest route, even if it’s longer and harder definitely pays off dividends in the end!

10. Running is for you unique.   

Running is whatever you personally need it to be. It is unique for you and can provide you with something that it doesn’t give to even your closest running partner. Make it your own on a personal scale, but allow for it to also serve in it’s natural role, as a truly positive world force!

The power of running is simply hard to beat!

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