THE Half Marathon Training Plan!

Coach Casey · July 6, 2020

Getting ready for a summer or fall half marathon race? There’s a lot to think about as you prepare for your first or next half marathon. Whether you’ll be racing virtually or training long-term for the return of road races, you need to have a plan. Whether your goal is to just finish or to set a new personal best at 13.1 miles, you need to know how to train. Charge Running has got you covered! We’re here to help you maximize your half marathon training, feel confident in your performance, and absolutely crush those results! Click below to download the half marathon training plan!

Get ready for your next half marathon with the Charge training plan!

Why this Half Marathon Training Plan?

Combining the training and racing expertise of all of our superstar coaches, we’ve crafted the perfect half marathon training progression tailored to a range of running levels. The plan builds your training over 13 weeks. With a combination of live Charge Running classes and runs and workouts that can be executed on your own schedule, you’ll have training flexibility while still staying on target. Each workout is specifically crafted to give you the skills and strength to roll through your next half marathon race. Every run and workout has the option to be run live on the Charge Running app with one of our professional running coaches guiding you through.

Your training is important! Hit the road knowing what to do.

Over the course of the 13 weeks you’ll build aerobic strength as your foundation for covering 13.1 miles. Simultaneously you’ll develop pacing knowledge and speed to get that great finishing time. Sprinkle in a few time trials and shorter tune-up races and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success! You’ll be able to track your progress with each live or on-demand Charge workout. Referring to your Charge workout summaries and profile, you’ll see growth as you get closer and closer to race day.

In current times, when training with a team or even a running partner for an upcoming race is next to impossible, you’ll have the opportunity to train week in and week out virtually with athletes from around the world, all preparing for their very own half marathons. If you’re looking for training guidance with guaranteed positive results, this is the perfect half marathon training plan for you!

Start preparing for your first or next half marathon right away! Join Charge Running, find the perfect race for you, and start rolling through the half-marathon training plan!!!

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Anonymous · July 6, 2020
Thanks! I was just looking into training for a half!
Anonymous · July 7, 2020
Yay! Signing up for this even though I have run several half’s before. I do better when I stick to a plan.

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