The Best Running Apps for 2019!

Coach Casey · April 14, 2019

There are a lot of running and training apps out there these days. Whether it’s for mapping routes, tracking distance, or just to provide suggestions on workouts, there are numerous options for Android and iPhone users. How do you sort through all of the options and find the best running apps to pump up your training? Check out our list of the best running apps of 2019 and find the one that’s best for you!

#5. Under Armour MapMyRun

Now owned by the apparel-giant Under Armour, MapMyRun has expanded to providing not only a library of user-suggested running routes, but also training plan suggestions and distance/pace calculators. Taking MapMyRun mobile allows you to keep track of all of your previous routes from anywhere. While there’s not music or coaching involved, if you need some handy suggestions on where to do your 6 mile hilly run, or how to turn a vacation into a training opportunity this is a great choice.

#4. Peloton Digital

Previously just in the home exercise equipment arena, Peloton has been expanding recently to include digital content. Prerecorded runs and workouts narrated by Peloton trainers can be accessed via your phone at any point during your busy day. The benefits of having an experienced trainer talk you through a designed workout is great. If you’re someone that likes just plugging and playing and following instructions this is great, if you’re looking for a more individualized experience though this may not be the one for you.

#3. Nike Run Club

One of the original mobile run training apps. Nike is of course the biggest name in all things athletics on a global scale. The app has numerous features including audio recorded coaching from Nike trainers, a strong social media link, and motivational talks given by some of Nike’s most famous professional runners (see Alyson Felix and Mo Farah). While the name garners attention within itself the app also can stand on its own. The challenges and leaderboards are strong motivators but without the personalized element and missing any live functions it can be hard to jump right into the training.

#2. Strava

The ultimate competition app. Strava is a great way to track your distance, route, and paces and then compare with the public and/or specific friends. If you’re all about setting new route, time, or distance records and getting a bit of friendly boasting in, this is for you. Since there are no trainers/coaches or predesigned workouts this is definitely best for folks that already have a strong running routine and don’t necessarily need the extra motivation or guidance. Strava definitely provides a stronger sense of running competition even if you’re out running solo.

#1. Charge Running

This is the best running app of 2019 for all types of reasons! Charge is expanding their platform to provide even more features and content with each and every update and the shear volume of options is enough to keep you coming back. The 20+ live classes each day on top of the On-Demand content allows for any schedule, anywhere to be met with functional running workouts. Certified, experienced coaches train you through a specific run and make adjustments live based on how you’re feeling, your progress, and experience level. Plus you get to train with runners from all over the world and interact, compete, and motivate in real time. Get running on a treadmill, indoor track or outside with your Android, iPhone or Apple Watch. Add in some very fresh, fun music designed for each unique workout and you’ve got yourself a to-level running experience!

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