The 5 Best Fuels for Runners!

Coach Casey · March 9, 2020

Fueling properly as a runner is key to success, development, safety, and longevity. Proper fueling comes into play not just during competitions but during daily training as well. A question we often get at Charge is, “what should runners be using to fuel?” We’ve got your answer right here in the form of the 5 best fuels for runners!

Let’s start with the basics:

Fueling refers to stocking and restocking your body with the essential nutrients and energy necessary to complete a run, workout, or race. It also allows you to recover from said run, workout, or race. By consuming a healthy balance of macro and micro nutrients you can keep your body strong, healthy, energized, and coming back for more running day after day. 

We’ve compiled for you a simple list of the 5 best fuels for runners (in no particular order). They’re quick, easy, and effective fuel for every day of training or racing. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with any of these super fuels pre, post, or during a hard workout or race.

Made in Nature – Figgy Pops

Taking the concept of dried fruit mix to a galactic level! Made in Nature – Figgy Pops combine all the great carbs, digestion aid, and iron into an easily “munchable” package. Rolling out eight amazing flavors (Mango is mind-blowing!), they’re organic, natural, and pack one heck of a fueling punch! 

Honey Stinger Gold

A true runner’s energy gel, Honey Stinger Gold keeps it simple and is awesome for re-fueling without breaking stride. The formula is 95% honey (not sticky, don’t worry!) with added electrolytes and B-vitamins. The natural sugar and simple carbohydrates from the natural honey make it a quickly digested, fast fuel source to keep you rolling through a race or workout.

Picky Bars

When an energy bar company has not 1, but 3 professional endurance athletes as co-founders, you know you’re getting an awesome product! Started by a triathlete and two female super-star distance runners, Picky Bars are that awesome product. The bars take balanced energy from natural ingredients and combine it with superior flavors and easy digestion. Combine fruit, nuts, seeds, and a bit of chocolate or cinnamon and you’ve got yourself a perfect energy bar!  

Maurten Gel 100

These were the exact energy gels that Eliud Kipchoge used when he broke the marathon World Record in Berlin. Do I have to say more? Okay, in addition, note that they contain only 6 ingredients, feature no added preservatives or flavoring and pack 25g of carbs! Pure, simple, and crafted specifically for athletic performance.

Huma Energy Gel Plus

Huma combines all the nutritional power of chia seeds with other 100% natural ingredients to make an energy and electrolyte-rich gel. The “PLUS” line features double to electrolytes as the normal gel without tinkering too much with the natural formula. This eliminates a lot of the need for sugary sports drinks. Berries & Pomegranate and Strawberry Lemonade are two of my personal favorites that I’ve used in multiple half and full marathon races…so I’m a bit biased!

Get fueled, fit and ready for any race or workout that comes your way! Put your superior fueling to use with live, professionally coached and individualized runs and workouts at Charge! Join us today and get ready to crush your running goals! 

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Anonymous · March 11, 2020
Great read, thanks for the information!!
Anonymous · March 13, 2020
Jess V aka Honey Stinger....turned me on the Honey Stinger!! Where can you purchase?
Coach Casey · March 15, 2020
Most specialty running stores carry Honey Stinger in stock but Amazon also sells packs for a good price (generally a bit cheaper than the direct website)!

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