Summer Running Struggles!

Coach Casey · June 29, 2021

All runners know the unique pain and pleasure combination that accompanies the summer running, racing, and training season. It’s both beautiful and so very difficult simultaneously. For every bit of joy that comes from the the season’s lush scenery and sunshine, there’s the discomfort of humidity and high heat. For each extra hour of wonderful daylight that you get, there’s the craziness of summer schedules. All runners are likely well versed in the good and bad balanced throughout summer running. Summer running struggles are real!

Charge Running as always is here to help. All of our coaches know the summer running struggles better than we care to admit. It’s time to shine some light on them and offer some helpful, easy suggestions to avoiding completely, or at the very least diminishing, the summer running struggles! 

Conquer all your summer running struggles!

Summer Running Struggles and Easy Fixes!

1. The heat

Oh the heat! The absolute bane of so many runner’s existences (mine included). Heat and humidity combine in the summer for so many sticky, tough days of running that I often find myself praying for the days of snow and negative degree temperatures. Of course there are many fixes to the issue of running in the heat. Run early in the morning or late at night. Give preference to shaded running routes over your normal or favorite running routes. Wear minimal layers below the neck but maximum above (hats, sunglasses, etc.). No matter what, safety first! Think twice about forcing a run to happen on a day when it’s simply far too hot. If you are headed out in the heat, take the breaks your body needs! When water and shade are available take advantage and take a short walk or stationary break. Last but not least, work on cooling yourself off quickly after a run as well. Dive into some water or pull out the garden hose. You’ll enjoy it AND it’ll mitigate some of the summer running struggles!

2. The summer schedule

While this is not the case for everyone, oftentimes summer schedules are very different and far more fluid than other times of the year. More travel, more events, and certainly more being pulled in multiple directions at once. Increased schedule flexibility for those in your life provides its own set of summer running struggles. Consistency in summer training can suffer. Priorities can become shifted. More than anything, there simply are not enough hours in the day for all that can be done! Add to that the possibility of kids being out of school and your running schedule may very well suffer. If you can’t set aside some well-deserve “me time” each day to go for a run, try making it a part of your summer activity schedule. Family wants to go for a bike ride? Run part of it! Taking a nice hike on the weekend? (Safely) run up or even down. There are numerous ways to fit in aerobic training progression to your summer activities. Don’t be afraid to be a bit creative!  

3. The crowds

Everyone seemingly decides to become a runner, biker, rollerblader, and dog walker all at the same time at the beginning of the summer. Suddenly the running routes and trails that you had to yourself months before are now crowded with people. Every different activity and subsequent speed provides a different set of challenges when navigating summer crowds. Avoid this summer running struggle by choosing abnormal times to run on the most popular routes. If there’s a great local bike path near your home, go before the sun comes up! If you have a beautiful trail system nearby, get on it while others are still waking up. Also be sure to have a few less popular backup routes in your head. If it’s a gorgeous 80 degree day and the sun is shining it’s best to just head to your backup than risk being run over on the main path during your summer training.

Make the most of your summer running this year!

4. The motivation

Or more accurately, the lack of motivation. When the sun’s out, and the water is cool, and the world smells like barbecue, it’s hard to get yourself out the door for a run. There are endless activities that are far less strenuous and can be far more fun. However, staying motivated and making the most of your summer training block is oh so important. So, get out for your run early! Start your day with your run or workout and then have the time and freedom to move on to the more enjoyable summer things. With your run or workout completed even before most others are up and awake, you still have a full day to enjoy yourself and take advantage of the summer fun!

5. The extra prep work

So much more to do for summer running! While there may be less clothes work while running the summer, they require significantly more urgent washing than in the winter (all that sweat!). You’ve got to plan for time to put on your sunscreen. Time to protect yourself against blisters. There’s the added prep of properly hydrating and fueling for a hot weather run as well. All of this extra prep work adds to the summer running struggles. Set a clear and consistent routine in place for all of this. Note how many sets of running clothes you have and define your “laundry days.” Have a consistent sized water cup/bottle that you work through a certain number of times per day to track your hydration. Simple, maintainable routines can make even the greatest amount of extra prep work seem so much more manageable! 

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