Stay Busy at Home: 11 Tips for Runners!

Coach Casey · March 26, 2020

11 things for all runners to do in order to stay busy at home:

Spend more time stretching and strengthening to stay busy while at home!
Woman stretching and strengthening alone

1. Watch Without Limits, Tracktown, McFarland USA, Saint Ralph, and The Spirit of the Marathon

Stay busy at home while getting your movie and running fix simultaneously. These 5 great running movies that range from inspirational to informative, and all the way to comical!

2. Watch MANY videos of the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Summer Olympic Games

Two of the best summer Olympic Games happen to be two of the most recent (meaning LOTS of online videos). From Michael Phelps’ history-making feat, to the World Record results of Usain Bolt and David Rudisha, these two Olympic Games had it all!

3. Read Once a Runner by John L. Parker Jr. and then The Science of Running by Steve Magness

Step away from the video screen for a bit and flex your running brain with a great piece of running fiction (Once a Runner) and an exceptional and interesting bit of easily-understood running/endurance science (The Science of Running).

4. Listen to the full Born to Run album by Bruce Springsteen (on repeat) 

While of course the title track is most easily associated with runners and races, the album as a whole is one of the all-time greats. You may even find additional athletic inspiration in “Thunder Road” and Clarence Clemmons’ beautiful saxophone solo in “Jungleland!”

5. Try out multiple dishes from Run Fast, Eat Slow

Ya’ll gotta eat! Don’t waste this at home opportunity to spend a bit more time focusing on fun, nutritional dishes. Get yourself a copy of Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky’s runner-centric cookbook and dive in to deliciousness!

6. Begin (or catch up on) a detailed training log

Now is the time! All those days (or weeks) you’ve missed logging can now be caught up on, more or less. If you don’t have a training log yet, what better time to start one? Begin logging your runs and workouts and track your progress every step of the way.

Simple exercise equipment is perfect to use while at home. No gym required!
At-home exercise equipment

7. Buy a new pair of running shoes

Whether you need them right away or not, it’s a good idea to have an extra pair around just in case. Find that perfect pair of training shoes and stock up. You should do your best to cap your trainers at 300-500 miles MAX. Too much mileage in worn out shoes can lead to serious injuries.

8. Try an at-home strength routine with Emma Coburn 

Inarguably one of the world’s best Steeplechasers, Emma Coburn is an expert in the world of strength and endurance. Let her take you through some easy, at-home strength routines to keep your training progressing.

9. Check out and bask in the brilliance of Eliud’s Kipchoge’s training insight

Nerd out a little bit here. Get a look inside the mind and training routine of the world’s best male marathoner! Often called “The Philosopher” for his wisdom, Kipchoge does not disappoint!

10. Add flexibility and relaxation to your schedule led by Olympic modern pentathlete, Elodie Clouvel

France’s premier modern pentathlete, Elodie Clouvel knows what it takes to be a complete athlete. Take a few minuted to have her walk you through some basic movements to engage, stretch and relax your illiopsoas muscles, your primary muscles in charge of flexing your hips.

Stay busy at home by using easy stretching routines that can be done anywhere!
Woman stretching with her child

11. Join Charge Running and get out there for a run, workout or virtual race!

This one is simple! There’s no need to stop running, working out and developing as an athlete. Stay on top of your training progression with live runs, workouts, and races! Be social, get personalized, professional coaching, and never run alone again!

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