Running Motivation: 5 Tips to Stay Motivated

Coach Casey · July 27, 2020

Whether the hot summers, the cold winters, the busy daily/weekly schedules, or the current uncertainty of normalcy, there’s a need for runners to find an extra burst of motivation throughout their training. Keeping your intrinsic (internal/personal) running motivation high is key, especially when extrinsic running motivation (external, i.e. race results, awards, recognition) becomes uncertain or wanes. Finding that deep source of internal motivation can keep you going for a long time, even when you wake up to below-zero temperatures or a packed day of work. The deeper the well, the longer you can drink from it!

Looking for ways to keep a high level of motivation with running and keep yourself going day after day? Enjoy these 5 GREAT tips for staying motivated during every single mile you cover!

Keeping your running motivation is key to training success!

5 Tips for Running Motivation!

1. Dress for Success

This may sound hokey or silly, but it’s real! Pick running clothes and workout outfits that you feel good in. Not only should they work for the exercise you’re doing but you should LOVE how they look on you. Experiment with different styles and colors to express yourself and feel confident on your run. When you find that wonderful combination you’ll feel good and it’ll make you want to get out the door and show off that much more!

2. Friendly Competition

You don’t need to be an “every run is a race” savage all the time, but a bit of friendly, constructive competition can be just what you need to head out the door. Find a healthy balance between wanting your running friends/team to succeed but also wanting to develop and succeed at the same, or higher, rate. Keep pushing towards those individual growth goals but don’t shy away from wanting those goals to be a bit further, faster, or higher than your friends.

3. Variety is the Spice of…Running

Mix it up often. While sticking to a straight-forward routine every single week may seem easy, it’s really just going through the motions. Running motivation comes from a love of the game. It comes from challenging yourself a bit and seeing how well you handle those challenges. The same 4-mile loop around your block each day will eventually cease to be a challenge. Find the love again. Find the fun and the variety!

4. Love Your Alone Time

A running community, coach, and the accountability that goes with it is imperative to staying motivated in running. However, give yourself a few days a week to love your time running alone. Let your mind drift over the pride you feel for being the runner you are. Bask in the relative silence of being out there one-on-one with the mileage. This will not only help you stay centered, but you’ll also feel less pressure to run a certain way, speed, or distance. Plus, when you do return to your team and coach, you’ll appreciate them that much more!

Find your running motivation by training alone occasionally!

5. Choose the Right Team

Harkening back to #4, it’s important to have a running support system throughout your training. A community of runners to relate to and a team of coaches/experts to rely on for safe, supportive advice. With the accountability and support, plus the progress tracking of a coach and mobile app (wink, wink), you’ll have no problem heading out each day highly motivated and ready to crush your run!

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