Running Goals: How to Crush Yours in 2020!

Coach Casey · January 6, 2020

A new year means new goals, or at the very least a fresh approach to accomplish your goals. In running, setting specific goals can make all the difference when training gets tough and your motivation starts to dwindle. Read below to understand the importance of goal setting (it’s IMPERATIVE!) and get a few tips on how to get started on setting and crushing your running goals in 2020!

DISCLAIMER: Just because you are setting running goals to improve in some way does not mean that you’re inadequate currently. Think of it as skill building versus fundamentally changing who you are. In the wise words of Kendrick Lamar, “And I love myself.” 

Why should you set goals?

We set running goals to display progress, set a framework or guide for our future, and allow us to near our dreams of what might be. As discussed by the great Meb Keflezighi in his book Meb for Mortals, goals form your roadmap for success.

Every time you head out the door for a run or workout you’ve already set goals whether you know it or not. You have a goal to run a certain distance or for a certain time. You’ve set a running goal of covering a certain route or to simply destress and relax. You’re already doing it! You’re already setting and achieving running goals, so why not fine tune them and build that success?

Using tips for good resolution/goal setting you can watch yourself progress step by step. This builds enthusiasm, confidence, and momentum. Even as training gets harder, the weather gets worse, or other things pop up in your life, you’ve completed so many smaller goals that you’ve set that you can’t help but continue to work towards the BIG one!  

How do you make your goals mean something and become running successes?

1. Choose a goal based on the process, not the end result:

This means that you need to think a few steps ahead. I’m sure everyone would love to run a 2:30 marathon but are you going to enjoy the process required to get there? Remember that achieving a running goal can be a long grind. Choose a goal that has a process you’re looking forward to. If you LOVE a fast, hard, short speed workout on the track, maybe set a goal of a 1 mile PR versus a marathon. Think about what it’ll take to get to the end of the line and be sure that you’ll enjoy the scenery at every stop along the way.

2. Empower and rely on others along the way:

When you get into trouble, look for someone else to help. This is one of the many great lessons told to me by a great coach, Walt Drenth. The idea is that by empowering others in their quest for a goal you get out of your own head. By focusing on others as well as yourself, some of the pressure is removed and you’re more able to freely progress. Plus, many studies show that positive emotions and camaraderie decreases perceived exertion and sustains motivation. It’s a win, win!

3. Track your progression accurately on micro and macro scales:

Set goals for each day, week, and month, no matter how simple. Coach Rory, in his post on Running Goals, mentioned that he sets daily goals based on what each piece of progress will help him achieve. To keep you rolling forward through your 2020 running goals on any scale, be sure to have accurate tracking. Purchase a training journal, make a daily activity log, dive in to some Excel charts! Whatever you need to feel organized and on top of it.

4. Put your running goal in writing:

Simple. Write it down. Display it somewhere visible. Look at it every day.  

In Conclusion:

No matter what your running goal for 2020 is, have fun with it. Find people to help along the way, and keep track of all the wonderful progress you make! You’re a superstar now and you’ll still be a superstar once you’ve completed your goal, but why not have something to do in the meantime? 

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