Running for a Cause: Charge’s Charity Race Events!

Coach Casey · September 24, 2020

Running or racing and charitable causes have always maintained a strong relationship. A charity race and event have become tried and true forms of fundraising for innumerable worthy causes around the world. Health, social justice, human rights, and other campaigns spread their message, attract supporters, and raise valuable funds through race events each year. The community that comes from a charity race event never fails to spur the continued growth of causes that are so very important to our local and global societies.

Runners themselves have always proven to be great supporters of worthy causes. Athletes, including Eliud Kipchoge and Allyson Felix, have been outspoken supporters/fundraisers for a variety of causes throughout their careers. The bond is strong between runners, races, and charity teams or organizations. Charge Running has made a concerted effort to continue that strong relationship. Through our live virtual racing platform, we’re able to bring the charity race event experience and impact to runners around the world. This allows continued support of organizations and causes that we believe in. These causes continue to need the support of the running and non-running communities.

With that in mind, here are a few upcoming virtual race events that support incredible, meaningful organizations and causes and that we are ALL IN on!

The RACE (5K and Half Marathon) – Saturday, October 3rd

“Be a part of the story and legacy!” The RACE began in Atlanta, GA in 2018 presented by the Unity Collective. The race event succeeds in celebrating and supporting Black owned business, neighborhoods, and charities throughout the Atlanta area. In just a few years, The RACE weekend of events has grown immensely. It now includes more than 50 small business vendors at their expo. Close to 2,000 race participants. The event in total raises tens of thousands of dollars for 31 non-profit organizations and local businesses. This year The RACE is holding their virtual 5K and Half Marathons via the Charge app. It’s been dubbed “The RACE 2020: Pivot Edition,” DO NOT MISS IT!  

The Challenged Athletes Foundation (Run/Walk/Roll) – Friday, October 2nd and Sunday, October 8th

Charge Running’s relationship with the inspiring CAF continues with virtual events in support of their mission. The CAF strives to empower athletes with physical challenges via sport! For decades the CAF has provided opportunities and resources via adaptive sports to dedicated athletes of all ages. The virtual events with Charge feature many of those athletes (kicking butt as always) and the foundation’s passionate, activity-enthusiast supporters around the world. There’s no limit to what you can accomplish with the support of the community!

The Joe Andruzzi Foundation (Halloween Edition 5K) – Saturday, October 24th

Joe Andruzzi has been a staple and figure in New England (Boston specifically) for 20 years now. As a 3x Super Bowl Champion with the New England Patriots, he’s brought immense pride to the region. Nowadays, after his own successful fight against cancer, Andruzzi continues to bring pride with the Joe Andruzzi Foundation (JAF). Team JAF provides financial support and hope to families battling cancer throughout New England. The JAF and Charge Running continue to partner on virtual race events to promote and garner support for the focused fight against cancer! 

The SEAL Future Foundation 

Charge Running has always had a strong bond with our nation’s military members and families. As a military member, our Co-Founder Rory Graman believes in using our platform to support organizations that support service members. The SEAL Future Foundation maintains an unwavering quest to support members of the Navy SEAL community transitioning to public life. Focusing on the four pillars of Health, Career, Education, and Community, the SFF truly bolsters the futures of its members. Through our virtual race events at Charge Running, the SFF continues to expand its reach and mission to all corners of the USA!

Become a part of a cause bigger than yourself. Take your organizations cause to the next level. Participate in Charge Running’s virtual races! Events support the incredibly worthy causes listed above among MANY others. Sign up for a Charge membership today and get involved! 

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