Running Clothes: Fashion + Function – SUMMER

Coach Casey · February 2, 2020

In an effort to bring the warm weather back quicker than normal, we’re talking ALL summer this week! Hot summer, rainy summer or in between, it’s important as a year-round runner to have a wardrobe that not only looks good but works for your activity and the weather conditions! How do you find that perfect balance between fashion and function? What are some running clothes essentials to cover you through anything mother nature throws at you? 

Being the fashionable, functional, runners that we are here at Charge Running, we’ve put together the ultimate list of fashionable, functional, running clothes! (Check out our blog next week for our Winter Edition!)

Running Clothes: SUMMER EDITION


A good running hat is essential during the summer. Protect your eyes and face from the sun, your sweat, and the occasional (or constant) summer rain. Keeps your hair back, can be worn backwards and everyone always looks great (color dependent). Check out Headsweats performance hats. They’re affordable, incredibly light-weight and breathable (functional!) and with dozens of designs and colors, super fashionable! When you find a company that only makes headwear for athletes, you know you’re in the right place. 


For any summer you’ll want to land on a breathable, comfortable shirt, singlet or tank top to build your mileage in. Form fitting or “flowy,” there are options galore. The key is material that decreases chaffing, doesn’t put a spotlight on sweat stains, and matches with every pair of shorts. Polyester and Nylon are your best bets for fabric, of course black is a great color that matches with everything but adding a bit of bright color to your life is a good thing! Oiselle has some great options mixing in TENCEL (ultra soft, made from wood pulp), while Tracksmith has some stylish, neutral toned tops that can go from the coffee shop right to running, and back. Can’t go wrong!

Shorts/Half Tights

Are you a fan of the 2” split shorts? Do you like a longer, looser pair of bottoms? Are you all about that half-tight life? No matter what, the importance of reliable pairs of running bottoms (with zip pockets!) cannot be overstated. New Balance makes some comfortable, compression, chafe-less half-tights. However, for a great pair of shorts of any length get yourself some Janji gear. A percent of your purchase goes to increase clean water access around the world. That means, while you take care of your bottom you’re also helping take care of others!  


One small piece of running clothing/gear can make all the difference. Some days a pair of good running sunglasses is absolutely it! You want a pair with reflective lenses (no one needs to see the pain in your eyes at the end of a long run). You’re looking for a pair that stays on your face, and doesn’t bounce around as you shifts gears and go after that workout PR. Throw in a variety of lens/frame colors to match your outfits and you’re all set. Goodr sunglasses check all the boxes…plus they have an excellent sense of humor and name their designs impeccably!   


High, mid, or low, you’ll need a few dozen pairs of lightweight, no-slip, sweat resistant socks for your miles on miles of summer running. Look for pairs with a bit of extra padding in the main wear areas, the heel, achilles tendon area, and forefoot. Add in a sole with some grip and a designs that show off your personality and you’ve got something special! On makes some funky, soft-as-clouds socks, or go with Feetures for a lifetime guarantee and colors abound!

You’re now all set from head to toe! Everything you need to look fresh, show off a bit and get in the work day after day during during summer of running! Look good, feel good and keep your training going every day of the week in a unique, fashionable, and functional outfit!

Need a bit of guidance in your training even after you’ve picked the perfect outfit? Join Charge Running and get daily, professionally coached, live, virtual runs and workouts with well-dressed runners around the world! 

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