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Coach Casey · June 15, 2020

The Power of Running: It’s Good for You and the World!

Running has a long list of benefits. Ranging from the physical to the mental, emotional, and often spiritual, running can have a profoundly positive effect on those who enjoy it. The power of running reaches beyond just the individual benefits though, running benefits the world! The values inherent in running are positive and productive. The […]

Coach Casey · June 8, 2020

Race Tactics: 5 Tips to ROCK your Summer Races

For many of us the summer is the perfect times to tackle some new race distances, work on setting new personal bests, and continue to see incredible running progress! You’ve come off of a strong season of training and are ready to crush your summer races! Now the question is, how? How do you make […]

Coach Casey · June 1, 2020

Global Running Day 2020: 20 Ways to Celebrate!

Everyone’s favorite global (dare I say universal?) holiday is upon us!!! Global Running Day (GRD) 2020 is being celebrated by countless runners and endurance enthusiasts on Wednesday, June 3rd. Come out and celebrate with Charge Running in some, or all, of these 20 amazing ways. We’ll see you there! 20 Ways to Celebrate Your Global […]

Justin Horneker · May 25, 2020

How to Run in Hot Weather: A Running Checklist

Summer Running can be tough, it can be harsh and it will be unforgiving. Growing up in St. Louis, and now living in Kansas City, you learn to cope with the ridiculous humidity that comes from living in a midwest river town and learn how to run in hot weather. Running was always done in […]

Coach Casey · May 17, 2020

Q&A with Olympian Jeff Galloway!

Charge Running had the pleasure of sitting down (virtually) with Olympian, and famed coach, Jeff Galloway to discuss his own running journey and success along with that of his Run/Walk/Run training method. Below is a transcript of some of our FAVORITE parts of the interview covering Jeff’s start as a runner, his Olympic experiences, his […]

Coach Casey · May 11, 2020

Tools for Runners: Make the Most of Quarantine

With more time spent at home these days it’s easy to feel like you can’t get in the same level of training or running development you could when you were outside more or had access to a gym facility. We’re here to change your mind on that! There are plenty of tools out there for […]

Coach Casey · May 4, 2020

New Running Goals: Set Goals During COVID-19

With most of us losing our Spring racing season it’s time as runners to reset a bit. We have to reset our training cycles, reset our brains, reset our legs, and reset our patience. We also have to set brand new running goals. Without a goal half-marathon, marathon, or even 5k in the near future, […]

Coach Casey · April 27, 2020

Recover After Racing: 6 Easy Tips for Recovery

Whether you’re competing consistently in virtual races during these social-distancing times, or planning for the eventual return to the road when IRL races begin again, you’ve got to know how to take care of yourself and recover after racing. As we say, what you do after a run or race is as important as what […]

Coach Casey · April 20, 2020

Racing During COVID: 5 Tips for Race Training

Runners around the world have had their spring and summer race calendars severely disrupted due to rapid spread of the coronavirus and the subsequent, necessary, restrictions on large group gatherings. Races throughout communities, from local road races to trail ultramarathons and even the historic Boston Marathon and Olympics, have been postponed or completely canceled in […]

Coach Casey · April 13, 2020

At-Home Workouts: 5 Workouts for During COVID!

Nowadays, we’re spending more time at home than ever before, that doesn’t mean though that training, fitness, and development have to come to a screeching halt. Through proper at-home workouts and cross training, runners can continue to build towards their fitness and race goals without leaving their living rooms or basements.  With just bodyweight and […]


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