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Coach Casey · July 27, 2020

Running Motivation: 5 Tips to Stay Motivated

Whether the hot summers, the cold winters, the busy daily/weekly schedules, or the current uncertainty of normalcy, there’s a need for runners to find an extra burst of motivation throughout their training. Keeping your intrinsic (internal/personal) running motivation high is key, especially when extrinsic running motivation (external, i.e. race results, awards, recognition) becomes uncertain or […]

Coach Casey · July 20, 2020

Running Outside vs. the Treadmill

Whether to avoid the heat, the cold, inclement weather, or simply due to schedule and access, more and more runners find themselves logging significant mileage on treadmills. Nowadays, facing health concerns and the necessity of social distancing, treadmill running has continued to gain popularity among former “road warriors” of running. So what are the differences […]

Coach Casey · July 13, 2020

Half Marathon Tapering: 6 Key Tips!

As you prepare for that next, or first, awesome half marathon race you want to be sure that your body is primed for performance! That priming requires the all-important half marathon tapering period. This period ranges between 2-4 weeks and leads you into your race feeling fit, fresh, fast, and ready to hit those race […]

Coach Casey · July 6, 2020

THE Half Marathon Training Plan!

Getting ready for a summer or fall half marathon race? There’s a lot to think about as you prepare for your first or next half marathon. Whether you’ll be racing virtually or training long-term for the return of road races, you need to have a plan. Whether your goal is to just finish or to […]

Coach Casey · June 29, 2020

Running Quotes: 14 Epic Quotes to Keep You Moving!

Inspiring, educational, motivational, and oh-so true. Running quotes from some of history’s most successful and engaging runners can be exactly what we need to hear in order to make it out the door for our run/workout or to keep our legs moving when things get tough in a race. Whether we repeat these phrases and […]

Coach Casey · June 22, 2020

Half Marathon Training: 5 Key Workouts!

The half marathon is quickly becoming one of the most popular road race distances in the world! In 2018 the half marathon was the second most popular race distance behind only the 5K. According to a report by the IAAF and approximately 2.1 million runners participated in half marathon races in 2018. An ASTOUNDING […]

Justin Horneker · June 19, 2020

RUNNER: A Movie Review by Charge

Runner Directed by Bill Gallagher Guor Mading Maker is a runner. More than that, he’s a fighter, a survivor, an Olympian, and a man who represents hope for an entire country.  Runner is the story of one man’s journey from Sudanese refugee to Olympian. However, that synopsis undersells just how powerful Guor’s journey truly is. […]

Coach Casey · June 15, 2020

The Power of Running: It’s Good for You and the World!

Running has a long list of benefits. Ranging from the physical to the mental, emotional, and often spiritual, running can have a profoundly positive effect on those who enjoy it. The power of running reaches beyond just the individual benefits though, running benefits the world! The values inherent in running are positive and productive. The […]

Coach Casey · June 8, 2020

Race Tactics: 5 Tips to ROCK your Summer Races

For many of us the summer is the perfect times to tackle some new race distances, work on setting new personal bests, and continue to see incredible running progress! You’ve come off of a strong season of training and are ready to crush your summer races! Now the question is, how? How do you make […]

Coach Casey · June 1, 2020

Global Running Day 2020: 20 Ways to Celebrate!

Everyone’s favorite global (dare I say universal?) holiday is upon us!!! Global Running Day (GRD) 2020 is being celebrated by countless runners and endurance enthusiasts on Wednesday, June 3rd. Come out and celebrate with Charge Running in some, or all, of these 20 amazing ways. We’ll see you there! 20 Ways to Celebrate Your Global […]


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