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Coach Casey · November 5, 2020

Winter Running Gear: 2020 Best Buys

Every year, here at Charge Running, coaches have a respectful yet animated debate about the best time of year for running. Some coaches land firmly on the Summer side of things, while others fervently push their opinions on the benefits of Fall running. Either way, few, if any, are willing to die on the hill […]

Coach Casey · October 29, 2020

Fall in Love with Running: 5 Tips!

Running is fun! It’s great aerobic exercise, it gets you moving, and it can relieve all types of stress and anxiety. However, a lot of people do NOT love running, or fall out of love with running. Running gets much harder when you don’t love it. Forcing yourself through the motions minute after minute or […]

Coach Casey · October 22, 2020

Halloween Costumes for Runners!

Still not sure what costume to construct and wear? Here to help, as always, is Charge Running. We’ve got you covered with the ultimate list of 9 of the best Halloween costumes for runners in 2020! The ultimate day of candy, costumes, and carousing is upon us! Except this year there will be significantly less […]

Coach Casey · October 15, 2020

Improve Your Running While Watching TV!

We spend more time inside, at home now than we probably ever have before. Netflix, Hulu, and other video streaming services are making a KILLING entertaining the masses. Why fight it? Embrace it? This is not to say that you should never go outside for fresh air and exercise. However, there’s no shame in some […]

Coach Casey · October 8, 2020

Fall Running: 5 Tips for Success!

Summer is fading away, or already has, and the Fall is upon us! This is TRUE running weather in my book. Days where you still brave an outdoor run but don’t need to bring a “sweat towel” along with you. Runs filled with the changing colors of leaves and a light, cool breeze. Just warm […]

Coach Casey · October 1, 2020

Running Terms: 20 Words You Need to Know!

Runners, run coaches, and general run enthusiasts seem to speak their own language. A turn of phrase, key words, cues, running terms, and a variety of unknown nouns fill the conversation airwaves.  Whether you’re new to running or a veteran, fluent-speaker of running lingo, it’s important to get a bit of a refresher. As you […]

Coach Casey · September 24, 2020

Running for a Cause: Charge’s Charity Race Events!

Running or racing and charitable causes have always maintained a strong relationship. A charity race and event have become tried and true forms of fundraising for innumerable worthy causes around the world. Health, social justice, human rights, and other campaigns spread their message, attract supporters, and raise valuable funds through race events each year. The […]

Coach Casey · September 7, 2020

Charge Running’s Virtual Races: Next-Level Racing!

Whether you’re a runner, racer, race director, charity, or just an active public/private organization, virtual running races can be the perfect community-engaging, brand-building, message-spreading event. Charge Running’s virtual races check every one of those boxes and more! Charge Running has developed an incredible, engaging, effective, and unique live virtual race platform that truly brings the […]

Coach Casey · August 31, 2020

Virtual Races: 5 Tips for Success!

Virtual races of all distances and types are becoming more popular and essential for runners these days. Continuing to see that positive race result progress can be imperative for maintaining motivation week after week. As runners we LOVE setting personal bests and reaping the race rewards of our training. Virtual races are a perfect way […]

Coach Casey · August 26, 2020

Boston for All: Charge Celebrates Boston!

Charge Running is celebrating the Boston Marathon (The Super Bowl of running) with an incredible live event. The virtual event will bring the magic, history, and experience of Boston to live runners around the world! Boston for All kicks off on Sunday, September 13th at 8am EST. Charge users across the globe will run together […]


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