Improve Your Running While Watching TV!

Coach Casey · October 15, 2020

We spend more time inside, at home now than we probably ever have before. Netflix, Hulu, and other video streaming services are making a KILLING entertaining the masses. Why fight it? Embrace it? This is not to say that you should never go outside for fresh air and exercise. However, there’s no shame in some time in front of the TV to unwind and relax after a long day. Instead of resisting the joy of a binge-session of Emily in Paris, use the time to your running advantage! You can in fact improve your running while watching TV!

We’ve got 4 quick and easy ways to improve your running development and performance without having to turn off the television. Don’t say goodbye to The Great British Baking Show, but say hello to running success!

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Running While Watching TV:

1. Trade in your traditional foam roller for an R8 Recovery Roller or the like.

This may seem unnecessary. You may be saying, “but I have a perfectly good cylinder foam roller! Why do I need a new one?” Well, it’s very hard to use a traditional cylinder foam roller on the floor while enjoying the latest season of Schitt’s Creek. However, with an R8 Recovery roller you can find a seat on your couch, prop your feet up and get all the muscle tension relief you need. Not only will you be more willing to START your rolling routine, you’re more likely to keep it going for 30+ minutes (conveniently the length of an episode of Friends).

Use your TV time to develop core strength!

2. Core, Core, Core!

There are a variety of core exercises that are absolutely key for not only improving your running but also avoiding potential running injury. Your running posture and efficient, mechanical running form, all resonate from the strength of your core. Here’s the TV trick, every time a commercial comes around get down on the ground and hold a front, side or back plank for 30 seconds. Take a 30 second break, and then do it again! With the length of commercials these days you’re bound to be able to get in at least 2 reps per commercial break…those add up! 

***Watching a streaming service without commercials? Pause at every major scene change or cliffhanger and get to work! It’ll be that much more motivation to get through the planks and get back to Tiger King.

3. Set TV hydration goals.

Being dehydrated can affect your energy levels, your digestion, cause muscle cramps and headaches among other things. Not fun! For runners, staying properly hydrated is absolutely key. That’s not a new revelation. However, the Charge hydration revelation is how to hydrate mindlessly without missing a second of The Bachelor. Set hydration goals and challenges for yourself ahead of turning on the TV. Fill a full glass of water, set it next to you and challenge yourself to empty it by the end credits. Next time, challenge yourself to drink two glasses before the end credits. Let’s be honest, we’re all competitive people, challenges and goals are always enticing!    

Watching TV is a great opportunity to hydrate!

4. Plan ahead! Set your upcoming training goals and prescriptions.

It’s important to have actionable goals set for yourself when it comes to your training. Planning your training prescriptions ahead of time helps avoid wasted training sessions and time. Being smart about your training and progression requires forethought either by yourself or a coach. It’s not terribly time or attention consuming, perfect for the TV (Project Runway anyone???). Pull out your calendar or training plan. Read over the previous week’s log for some quick analysis. Choose an increase in volume or intensity, set mileage, workout, or pace goals, and start making a plan. One day at a time, during commercials or down moments in your show or movie, put together your week. By the end of the episode or movie you’ll have your week planned and one less thing to worry about. Now you can simply focus on executing the training like a boss!

Use your TV time wisely and maximize your training with the help of certified, professional running coaches. Join Charge Running and get all the live, real-time tips and training you need!

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