New Year’s Resolution: How to set it and stick to it!

Coach Casey · December 31, 2019

The age old tradition of setting a New Year’s resolution and then promptly failing to stick to it goes back generations! 2020 is going to be a new start though, this will be the year that you achieve your perfect New Year’s resolution…here’s how:

1. Don’t be afraid to set a lofty goal!

Remember, you’ve got a full year to complete your goal so don’t hesitate to go big! The bigger the goal, the more exciting and compelling it is. This excitement leads to higher personal engagement. Set out to complete a marathon! Get ready to travel the world! Go get that promotion you’ve been dreaming of! Big, exciting goals also bring in even more support from those around you. Friends and family will become invested in your big, awesome resolution and will be there to support and cheer you on every step of the way!

2. Pick a reasonable start date to kick things off!

There’s no law that says you HAVE to start your quest on New Years Day. Pay attention to your life schedule and set a start date that makes sense. Take in to consideration how much total time you’ll need to complete your goal within the 12 total months. Be realistic with your time frame. If your goal is to train for and complete a marathon, don’t set your start date as December 1st…that’s not realistic!

3. Take your BIG goal and start date and break things up in to manageable, smaller steps!

Dream big, plan small as they say. Set surefire goals that you can initially crush. Taking those first steps successfully elevates your engagement and motivation and feels really, really good. Easy initial choices/steps aren’t copouts, they’re the building blocks to that big time goal down the line. Starting off every day by setting a goal that you can immediately and easily complete, i.e. “make check list” makes all the difference in setting an accomplished tone. According to Harvard Medical School, “a study on loyalty programs that aim to motivate consumers found giving people two free punches on a frequent-buyer card encouraged repeat business.” This is to say that making the first few steps easily achievable promotes the completion of future, more difficult steps.   

4. Plan rewards but accept road blocks!

It’s important to revel a bit in every accomplished step towards the ultimate new year’s resolution goal. Plan for mini rewards to go with your progressive accomplishments. Ran your longest run yet in your marathon quest? Go see a movie! Got your passport updated as you prep for your world travel? Go get yourself a sundae! Whatever makes you happy and makes you feel good about your accomplishments, do that. Celebrate! If however, things don’t exactly go as planned, don’t fret, nothing is perfect. Plan for some occasional roadblocks. Remind yourself that detours lead you to your final destination, even if they take you a bit out of the way. 

5. Find a community!

Accountability and support make all the difference when it comes to accomplishing your big dream goal for 2020! Find a community of like-minded folks that will help you stay motivated through the tough steps. Join a running group (Charge Running!) as you work towards your marathon. Trying to quit smoking? Find a support group focused on helping folks break unhealthy habits. Whatever it is, having a community or equally resolved individuals to fall back on and commiserate with makes a difference. Plus, this team of positive influences keep the bad influences from keeping back in down the line.

6. If you miss your goal…

You’re not a failure! You’re a successful self-experiment! Everything you learned from your new year’s resolution experience, working towards that goal, this time will inform on an even more successful attempt in the future. It’s never about what you did wrong but about what you’re going to differently next time. You’re not the first person to not hit the mark on their New Years Resolution and you won’t be the last. Learn from the process, celebrate every smaller accomplishment and get geared up for your next attempt!!!

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