How to Prepare for Summer Running

Coach Casey · April 24, 2021

The temperatures are rising. The short-shorts are coming out of the closet. The sweat is starting to pour! That’s right, it’s almost summer time! As summer approaches and runners prepare for the big summer training push on their way to fall racing glory, it’s time to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the trials and tribulation of summer running. Find out how you can best prepare for your summer running and training regime with a few simple tips from the expert coaches at Charge Running

6 Tips to Prepare Yourself for Summer Running!

6 great tips for your Summer running!

1. Start the hydration routine early.

No matter how hard and long you work on it, hydration always slips a little during the winter months. Whether it’s because your training level/volume decreases a bit, or because you simply don’t feel the thirst, there’s some loss. As you prepare for summer running, return to your premiere hydration routine ASAP. Even before the full heat kicks in, begin tracking your water intake throughout the day. Form those positive hydration habits right away so that you’re fully prepared for when the sweltering temperatures arrive. A good place to start is by aiming to consume 50% of your bodyweight in ounces of water per day. From there you can always make adjustments based on training.

2. Plan your daily training schedule in advance and get used to it.

Start thinking about when in the day you’ll be able to train come the Summer. This is obviously especially important if you have any any work/school schedule changes during the summer months. Summer running is a key opportunity to solidly train and see drastic positive developments leading into Fall racing. If you do plan to change your daily/weekly running times ,whether for the sake of avoiding the heat of the day, or enjoying a more relaxed schedule, start transitioning to the new routine sooner rather than later. Running before the sun comes up, or after it goes down takes some getting used to and you don’t want to lose any time getting used to it if you can help it. 

3. Organize your fundamental summer running routes.

We all know that some running routes are better in certain seasons. You probably don’t want to run on uncleared trails with 2 feet of snow on the ground. Likewise you probably want to avoid shade-free, long, pavement stretches in the middle of July. Begin organizing your key summer running routes. Which ones are best for long ones? Which routes are best for the hottest days? Where are the public water fountains and restrooms located? These are all important questions to ask yourself ahead of time in preparation for summer training.

Prepare for your Summer running with these 6 key tips!

4. Set realistic and achievable training goals.

Even if you don’t have a few fun races planned for the Summer, or even the Fall for that matter, it’s important to set some seasonal training goals for yourself. Keep them simple, realistic, and achievable. It could be as straightforward as an average number of runs per week. Or maybe you’re looking to simply improve your aerobic capacity and run for a little bit longer each week. Whatever goals they may be, keep them in your mind and don’t be afraid to go after them. It’s fun to achieve goals, no matter how small. These goals and your pursuit of them will become even more important when the running and training gets hard. Getting a few steps closer to your set goals may be just what you need to get out the door at the crack of dawn on a 100 degree Summer day. 

5. Sign up for a few fun races.

Speaking of goals…sign up for a few Summer races if you can! Summer running takes on an added level of engagement when it’s in preparation for a race. These do not need to be your peak races or performances. Use these races as a chance to keep your training exciting. Mix in a few distances that you’re not normally used to. Try a 10 mile race. Or even take a shot at a 1 mile race. Focus on the fun and improving one small element of your racing.  While enjoying every step of the race aim to improve your mid-race hydration technique. In between all the fun smiles and silly race pictures, work on keeping your arms a bit more relaxed. Take a step back from specific time or place goals and you may be surprised how well things go. No matter what this will set you up that much more for a successful Fall racing season. 

6. Get your summer running wardrobe in order.

Is it too much to state that this may be the most important tip on this list? Whether you agree or not, there’s no denying that the proper wardrobe for Summer running is important. It may take some time to find the perfect pieces so start shopping now! Determine your comfort and style and then buy in multiples. Prefer 3-inch split shorts in the Summer? Buy 5 pair. A fan of sleeveless tops versus singlets? Find the perfect one and get it in multiple colors or patterns. Staying cool and comfortable mile after mile in the Summer heat can make the difference between finishing an intended run and cutting it early. Buy now and regret never!

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