How Charities Fundraise During COVID!

Coach Casey · March 11, 2021

How do charities fundraise during a pandemic? The coronavirus pandemic has hit so many people and business across the globe incredibly hard. For charities and non-profit organizations the same is true. For groups that rely on fundraising and donations to keep doing their great work, the COVID-19 pandemic has been disastrous. It’s hard to find charity fundraising ideas that don’t require close, personal contact. Many groups have become more and more creative with their charity fundraising events and efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Finding additional ways, often with the help of the running community, to raise money to keep their mission and positive work alive. We have 4 great charity fundraising ideas for you that are pandemic-proof!

How Charities Fundraise During COVID-19: 4 Tips

1. Virtual Races/Runs

Road races, runners, and charities have been connected at the hip for decades. Local charity 5k road races as well as the World Major Marathons and almost every race in between have an element of charitable fundraising. Races, for runner and non-runners alike, are great ways to bring a community together in one place, at a specific time, and educate them on a charity’s mission in an environment of excitement and positivity. Plus, with a race there are NUMEROUS ways to raise money including entry fees, racer fundraising efforts, giveaways, sponsors, etc.

During the COVID-19 pandemic road races are few and far between. In come virtual races to save the day! With the right virtual racing platform, and the right team, charities can just as effectively raise money while engaging their community with a live, real-time virtual race. Charge Running is the perfect platform for this. Virtual races on Charge are incredibly engaging, brings everyone together on the same day and time and allows for real-time interaction between the charity team and race participants anywhere in the world through voice and messaging. Plus with Charge for a Cause, the platform is specifically crafting virtual race events for non-profit organizations!

2. Giveaways/Virtual Auctions

Giveaways and virtual auctions are also great charity fundraising ideas during the pandemic. Charities can fundraise without leaving their computers! While getting your hands on donations/services to give away or auction is a bit harder now with many business struggling, there’s still opportunity. With the right combination of items and a digital platform, charities can raise enough money to keep their work going. 

Try CharityAuctionsToday or 32Auctions as simple to use platforms that can help you set up and execute an online auction for your charity. 

3. Digital Happy Hours/Social Events

Nowadays social interaction of ANY kind is a blessing, even if it is virtual. Hosting a virtual/digital happy hour or social event during the COVID-19 pandemic is a great way charities fundraise during the pandemic. Charge an entry fee, it’s for a good cause! Organize a live get-together over video gives your charity a captive, receptive audience. You can also prompt further donations by using the event as a platform to further pitch your mission. Additionally, it’s always a positive to spend some face-time (pun intended) with your community of current and future supporters. 

Have some fun activities planned. Draft a few inspirational and educational speeches. Keep involvement and engagement high with a Q&A session as well. All of this will maximize the virtual fundraising. There are numerous ways to host the virtual happy hour for groups of all sizes. Zoom is a great option of course. Try Houseparty or Jackbox for some great group games as well! 

Virtual social events are great charity fundraising events!

4. Live Stream Entertainment

There are plenty of live streaming services now, most notably FB Live, for all types of charity fundraising events. These are great ways to create entertainment/events. Hire a musician, a motivational speaker, or even a magician! Anything to get folks in the virtual door. Entertainment during the pandemic has been limited to TV/movie streaming. Live entertainment can be just what the doctor ordered. Again, this provides numerous opportunity for charities to fundraise during COVID-19. Not only can you charge a donation as an entry fee to the event but you’re also able to mix in the auction and giveaway elements. Charities that spend some time picking the right type of entertainment for their community of supporters are going to find the highest level of success. Pair the right act with a few great auction items and a well-executed speech and fundraising for your cause won’t be any problem!

Run or work for a great charity? Contact the Charge Running virtual race team today! Learn more about how you can create a great fundraiser safely and effectively!

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