Holiday Gifts for Runners: 11 perfect presents you can get hassle-free!

Coach Casey · December 18, 2019

The holidays are right around the corner and that means the struggle of shopping for the incredibly particular runner in your life begins! Don’t worry one bit, Charge has got you covered! Check out theses 11 gifts for runners that every are guaranteed to be loved, and more importantly, you’re guaranteed to be able to get hassle-free!

You can trust this list of gifts for runners…it was made by runners who like gifts.


This isn’t your grandparents underwear! For once in your life you’re actually going to want to get underwear as a gift. More comfortable than you can possibly believe, perfect for all levels of physical activity and in just about every style and design imaginable…sold!

2. Euro Cuisine yogurt maker

Every runner has finished a long run or workout and wanted the perfect, easy, delicious and nutritious snack. Make your perfect yogurt snack at home and design it to match your every imaginable taste fantasy!

3. Deuter Speed Lite backpack

Weighing in at just 1lb and with as many pockets and storage areas as you’ll need for a commute run, trail run, day hike, or romp about the city. This backpack is German engineering at its finest so you know it’s all about efficiency and function.

4. Mavuno Harvest dried fruit mix

Dried fruit is perfect as a pre-run, mid-run, or post-run source of energy and nutrients. If you’re going to consume something to help your performance you should absolutely make it the healthiest, most natural, and most delicious option…in steps Mavuno!

5. 2020 Running Log Book

Is it flashy, shiny, and the latest in running tech? No. Is it exactly what every runner needs to stay on top of their training, revel in their development and plan for their future race success? Yes!

6. R8 Roll Recovery

Recovery magic in a spring-loaded package! Bring the deep tissue/muscle massage home and enjoy the benefits and ease of using a roller that can be used while sitting on the couch watching TV, chatting on the phone, or even at work. The roller that’s easiest to use is the one you’ll most use!

7. Apple Watch

Take your run/activity tracking to the next level with the Apple Watch. All the basic data you need to get from a running watch plus the tech benefits of accurate HR, recovery, and competition tracking. PLUS it’s fully compatible with your favorite run training apps like Charge Running!

8. Kea Peak visor

Keep the sun and sweat off your face, keep your sunglasses ON your face, and keep your headphone secured while still looking pretty cool. Stylish and functional, this visor serves you best running, hiking, or just strolling about.

9. Yeti Rambler travel mug/tumbler

Long run on a cold day and you just want to be sure that when you get back to your car you’re not drinking room temperature coffee or tea. Yeti pretty much has this locked down for you. Take your time on your run because a hot cup o’ joe will still be ready and waiting no matter when you get back.

10. Skida Running Hat/Headband

Made in Vermont by Vermonters so you know the priority is going to be warmth and functionality. In a variety of awesome colors and design and with options of fleece-lined or unlined, Skida hats/headbands are perfect for all runners in pretty much all weather.

11. Charge Running subscription & gear!

What better gift is there for a runner than a subscription to an app that provides them with access to constant, live, professionally coached workouts, runs, and virtual races? That’s a trick question, there isn’t one!

Plus, now you can buy some awesome Charge Running gear to go along with it!

Take your gift giving to the next level and join the runner in your life for a live Charge Run to kick your holiday season off right!

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