Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Gifts for Runners that Give Back!

Coach Casey · December 20, 2020

The holiday season and spirit is upon us! This means giving back more than receiving. Part of that giving, beyond good cheer and well wishes, is gifts! This year, more than before, it’s important to spend your money in a way that will make an impact. You want your money spent to matter. Therefore, Charge Running has, for this year’s holiday gift guide, selected 5 perfect items for runners in 2020. Each one supports great causes and our greater global community through charitable initiatives and non-profit organizations. 

Give back this holiday season with any (or all!) of these great, functional items!

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners:

Get the perfect gift for runners this holiday season!

1. Headbands of Hope

Headbands have become a more and more essential part of any runner’s closet. Therefore, many great options are now available to keep your hair back and/or keep your head warm. This holiday season get your hands on a few that work AND come from a mission-driven company. Headbands for Hope donates a beautiful headband to a child battling a serious illness for every headband purchased. Additionally, they donate 10% of their sales to children’s charities during their headBAND Together initiative.

2. Bombas Socks

They’re not just socks anymore! Bombas has expanded their line of functional, comfortable, and socially-conscious items to include shirts now as well. As a result, they’ve also expanded their mission as well. With every pair of socks OR shirt that’s purchased Bomba donates that item to those in need. Working with homeless shelters and support organizations (over 3,000 of them) across the USA. That accounts for over 43 million items donated at last count! You’ll get an exceptional pair of running socks this season while also providing a much-needed donation to someone in need.

3. Janji (anything!)

Janji produces exceptionally functional running gear for all levels. Additionally, they style their products on local artists and cultures from numerous diverse countries. Their promise as a mission-driven athletic apparel company is to constantly give back. 2% of every purchase goes directly to local clean-water initiatives and projects in the countries that inspire their seasonal collections. Thus far, Janji has proudly supported initiatives in Kenya, Peru, Nepal, Uganda, Bolivia, Cambodia, Mexico, and the Philippines.

4. memobottle Water Bottle

The name of the game with memobottle is convenience. Runners are busy people. Places to go. People to see. Miles to cover. The memobottle is safe, reusable, and designed to fit anywhere. Moreover, as a truly mission-driven company, they’re B Corp. Certified and provide 2 months of clean water for those in need for every one water bottle sold. Partnering with the international non-profit, they’ve donated over 7 million days of safe drinking water already!   

5. Cotopaxi Backpack

Cotopaxi makes GREAT outdoor gear for your next adventure. Get a backpack to meet your hiking or biking needs or grab one that’s perfect for commute-running. No matter what you can be confident that you’re getting a great product from a company that gives back. 1% of Cotopaxi’s annual revenue each year goes directly to their Cotopaxi Foundation, backing a number of recognized non-profits. Poverty alleviation, refugee assistance, malaria eradication, and global education initiatives. The Cotopaxi Foundation does A LOT of good around the world.   

Give back throughout the holiday season with your gifts AND your actions! Learn more about all the great organizations and causes that Charge Running partners with for virtual races and events. Sign up for a Charge membership today!

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