Halloween Costumes for Runners!

Coach Casey · October 22, 2020

Still not sure what costume to construct and wear? Here to help, as always, is Charge Running. We’ve got you covered with the ultimate list of 9 of the best Halloween costumes for runners in 2020!

The ultimate day of candy, costumes, and carousing is upon us! Except this year there will be significantly less carousing and significantly more solo viewing parties of Hocus Pocus. Even without the traditional Halloween fun of trick-or-treating, roaming your neighborhood surrounded by an army of little princesses, pirates, and Notorious RBGs, and socializing with all your fellow adult lumberjacks, there is still fun to be had! Being home alone, or just with your family, does not by any means bar you from dressing up in an absolutely EPIC costume and patrolling your house looking for sweets.

9 Halloween Costumes for Runners in 2020:

1. World Records…Broken

Pick a record, any record and break it! Really though, so many world records have been smashed in 2020 already that there are plenty to choose from. Take the old record times for the Men’s 5k, Men’s 10k, Women’s 5k, or Men’s or Women’s 1hr Run (among others), make it into a cardboard cutout and just cut that sucker in half with a few jagged lines! Costume nailed!

2. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The options are endless here. How about the Olympic rings with a big “?” next to them? Or “Tokyo 2020” with the “2020” scratched out and replaced with “2021”? Might want to keep a big sharpie marker handle though during your Halloween celebration, you never know when the Games could get suddenly postponed again.

Olympics 2020? Great Halloween costume for runners!

3. A 2020 Runner

Indoor-outdoor sweatpants, uncut pulled back hair, a watch that is loved as much as a child. These are all essential elements of the outfit. The goal here is to be obvious, but not too obvious. Yes, you’ll look like a runner. However, you don’t want to look like a runner from days past. Embrace the oddity of being a committed runner in 2020. So maybe carry a foldable, under-the-bed treadmill around with you?

4. Eliud Kipchoge’s Running Shoes

Do I have an exact suggestion on how to dress yourself as a Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% shoe? No I do not. However, if you figure it out, be sure to add a pair of SWEET sunglasses, and have a friend dress as a paparazzi, because those are by far the coolest, most famous shoes out there!

5. Running Banana

Does this have anything to do with 2020 specifically? No. Is it simply a hilarious costume that you’ll also be able to use in any road race you enter in? Yes.

A Banana is never a bad choice as a Halloween costume for runners!

6. Forest Gump (at mile 15,248)

“Run Forest, Run!” is certainly iconic, khakis, checkered shirt and all. Really though, if you want to stand out, go the extra mile, or 15,000 miles! Grow out that beard and hair, don’t shower from now until Halloween, and grab your best poncho and red hat. To really make it authentic, go out before the Halloween gathering and run as much as your body can handle in the costume…then straight to the celebration!

7. A Workout Playlist

Start with a straight-forward iPod costume. Deck it out with the spin wheel, the bulkiness of the early models, and the slightly grainy black/white lettering. The real surprise comes with what songs you put as showing on the screen. Have the Playlist title be “Slayin’ Reps” or “Hittin’ the Gym!” or “Crushin’ My Run.” Then, put an absolute BANGER on there like I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, or Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7

8. Gym Membership

How do you make a membership card look unused, forgotten, and lonely? Add some tears, some tattered edges and a hefty dose of dust! Unfortunately nowadays our gym membership cards have become frequent residents of the backs of drawers and the bottoms of piles. Maybe throw stick a piece of used, chewed gum on there to really round off the costume?

9. Yourself!

Listen, YOU are the ultimate runner and therefore can be there very best costume in 2020! Simple, easy, and accurate to boot! Lace up your favorite pair of trainers, throw on your best singlet/shorts combo and you’re all set for Halloween. If you want to add a little bit of flavor maybe strap a sign around your neck that says “Will Run for Social Interaction.” 

You're the best Halloween costume for runners!

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