Charge Running’s Half-Marathon Training Plan!

Coach Casey · November 17, 2019

Charge Running is excited to announce the release of their first, half-marathon training plan (download below)! Are you getting ready for your first or even your 15th half-marathon? Get all the training knowledge of Charge’s professional, certified, and experienced coaches in one place. Get pumped and gear up for an upcoming half-marathon race (including the Charge favorite, DONNA Half-Marathon in lovely Florida!)

The plan covers 13 weeks and has a specifically crafted training progression. You’ll stay motivated, engaged, and prepared to set or smash your personal best! The training plan covers every running/racing experience level in the tailored runs/workouts. Each week builds aerobic fitness and speed simultaneously. As a result, you’ll maximize your half-marathon result.

Follow the plan day-to-day with any number of Charge’s live, virtual runs/workouts and track your progress as you build towards your goal. Utilize the the Charge app’s real-time stats, professional coaching, and on-demand content to make the most of your half-marathon training. Most importantly, you’ll train along side users from around the world prepping to kick butt in their upcoming 13.1 mile race!

Don’t wait! Log in to Charge Running, sign up for a half-marathon in your area, start our half-marathon training plan, and take the first few strides towards your racing glory!!!

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