Global Running Day: What it is and why you ABSOLUTELY should be a part of it in 2019!

Coach Casey · May 27, 2019

On June 5th, the entire running community will be gathering for one epic day of running to celebrate our favorite activity! 100 countries and over 4,000 dedicated runners (and counting) will be getting their miles in together for 24 hours of fun, sweat, and fitness! Global Running Day is upon us!

How do I make the most of Global Running Day???

Runners from all over the world will celebrate Global Running Day (GRD) in a variety of ways. Through community events, local races or running groups, mileage will come in many forms. However, planning to make the most of your Global Running Day can be hard. Whether you prefer to run with a few friends, a larger running group or a virtual network there are a lot of factors. You have to find a convenient time, location, set route, and running partners that match your schedule and ability.

If you want access to a huge, readily available running group, and personalized training, Charge Running is the spot! Charge is a non-stop virtual running community and training guide led by experienced, certified coaches. We offer live, motivationally coached runs, workouts, and races every day. Classes fit your running needs, schedule, and interests. All you need is your phone/Apple Watch and a desire to run!

How is Charge Running going to celebrate GRD???

If you’re looking for an active, positive running community to join to make the most of your Global Running Day this year, Charge Running is the perfect source. Celebrate with access to personal coaching and like-minded training partners throughout the world. Charge is pulling out all the stops for Global Running Day 2019. We’re offering 21 live runs and two packed 5K virtual races throughout the day!

We’ve set our goals high and are aiming to make June 5th the most successful, accessible, and popular Charge Running day ever! You’ll have access to every live run and race starting from 6am EST through 9:00pm PST! That’s 18 hours of Charge runs to join at your convenience along with hundreds of other Charge runners.

Our live runs feature certified coaches implementing uniquely designed workouts for you in real-time. They track your pace, distance, cadence, and heart rate to give you the most informed and accurate live coaching possible. Every one of our runs are designed to increase your fitness and running comfort while taking away the dissatisfaction of running alone. Plus, with our integration system, you can automatically sync every one of your runs from Charge directly to your Strava account. This way your friends can see all the awesome work you’re putting in on Global Running Day and beyond!

So are there some sweet prizes I could win during GRD???

To raise the bar even more, and really make it a party, we’re giving away $1000+ in free raffle prizes. All you have to do is join and complete a Charge run during GRD to be entered to win great prizes. Fun fact: the more Charge runs you join and complete during the day the more chances you have to win! Every run completed equals an extra entry into our raffle! There’s swag galore (Charge Ice Shaker cups, an author-signed copy of the bestselling book Dream Big by Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray) plus we’re giving away free Charge memberships to 3 lucky runners. You can’t say no to that!

Through our partnership with the great company Gone For a Run, we’ll also be raffling off gift cards of $100 and $25 to 10 runners. It’s so simple! Just hop into any one of our 23 runs/races and build your fitness, run with Charge runners around the world and win sweet prizes! Let’s make Global Running Day 2019 EPIC!!!

Go to to pledge your miles for the day and join the Team #ChargeRunning to be part of Charge Running’s massive global community for the running party of 2019!

We’ll see you there…Charge On!

Don’t miss out on any more Global Running Days. Sign up for your Charge Running membership right away!

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