Global Running Day 2020: 20 Ways to Celebrate!

Coach Casey · June 1, 2020

Everyone’s favorite global (dare I say universal?) holiday is upon us!!! Global Running Day (GRD) 2020 is being celebrated by countless runners and endurance enthusiasts on Wednesday, June 3rd. Come out and celebrate with Charge Running in some, or all, of these 20 amazing ways.

We’ll see you there!

20 Ways to Celebrate Your Global Running Day in 2020:

1. Go for a Run

Duh. That one was easy!

2. Watch this hilarious running video

Worth every freakin’ second…

3. Join in on a virtual race

Why just do a run in celebration when you could do 1-3 races!

4. Take care of your running body 

No time like the present do get your “pre-hab” and hearty stretching game on!

Celebrate Global Running Day 2020 by taking care of your body with stretches.

5. Listen to “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen on repeat

You won’t get sick of it, I promise.

6. Sign up for Charge Running

Do I need to say more???

7. Do your own episode of “Coach Casey’s Coorsdown Corner”

It’s not hard, just enjoy an adult beverage while stretching..and of course talk to an imaginary audience about your expert opinions of said beverage.

8. Treat Yo’ Self

Buy a new pair of running shoes, a fancy piece of impractical running gear or a lifetime supply of Body Glide.

9. Add more to your miles and give back

Pick a great charity that resonates with you and donate $ for every mile you run!

10. Catch up on all your Charge Blog content

Read just one or read them all, either way you’ll take something positive away with you, that’s a Charge promise!

11. Go Out and Accomplish a Running Goal

Total daily mileage, average pace, or running time without taking a break, whatever it is, set a goal and get ‘er done today! 

Set some running goals for yourself on Global Running Day 2020!

12. Get Inspired

Read this wonderful article looking back at Canadian hero, Terry Fox.

13. Stay Inspired

Read this article written in 1980 about Terry Fox’s incredible journey.

14. Listen to “Run-Around” by Blues Traveler on repeat

This one you may get sick of eventually. I made it through 53 consecutive listens. What’s your record?

15. Gain Knowledge

Check out any of these fantastic running articles recommended by running/podcast superstar Tina Muir! 

16. Post a #TBT picture on social media of your favorite running memory

Don’t forget to tag #chargerunning!

17. Feel better about your own running form

Watch the episode of Friends where Rachel and Phoebe take up running…

18. Find your running community 

Get involved in social media running groups, join a running club or team. Join Charge Running. Just find those positive, supportive, like-minded people!

19. Cook and eat like a runner

Find a new recipe to try. Take your time, enjoy crafting that perfect post-run meal.

20. Remember, there’s no wrong way to celebrate!

Just get out there and have fun!

No matter how you choose to celebrate Global Running Day 2020, join a fun community of like-minded runners with Charge Running! Join now and get access to live, professionally coached classes for all running abilities!

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