Form Healthy Habits: Healthy habits in 6 easy steps!

Coach Casey · January 13, 2020

It can take as little as 30 days. That’s what they say. 30 days of consistent effort to form a healthy habit for life! Looking to form some key healthy habits in 2020? Start right away and lock it in for the future! Use these 6 tips and you’ll have your healthy habits as good as locked before you know it! Take your physical, mental, and emotional health to the next level this year!

1. Give yourself plenty of time and be patient!

Habits, unfortunately, aren’t automatic. Doing 15 minutes of Spanish language practice for two days won’t suddenly increase your language skills. Give yourself the full time and remind yourself early and often about the time that you’re committing to the habit. Studies show that 30-66 days is the span for forming habits. From the mind of the great John Wooden, “Good things take time, as they should. We shouldn’t expect good things to happen overnight.” Healthy habits are no different.  

2. Preparation is key!

Be sure that you have everything you need to be successful. That includes the knowledge and understanding of the habit on top of the physical tools necessary. If you want to practice mindfulness and meditation more consistently, make sure you own a meditation mat or have access to a consistent studio class. Have all your tools at the ready so that there’s not a single lingering excuse for why you don’t practice your habit daily.

3. Use triggers to your advantage!

Oftentimes triggers are associated with poor habits or behavior. For example, smokers may always have a cigarette when they’re driving. However, these triggers can be flipped to serve your healthy habits instead of hinder. Take an element of your life that is already consistent and necessary and tie your healthy habit to it. If you want to spend 30 minutes every day using your foam roller, and you already watch the evening news every night, roll every time you watch the news! BOOM! Trigger flipped!

4. Start your habit early…don’t wait!

Don’t delay on the start of your 30-66 days. Get to it as soon as you think of it. On top of that, try and get your consistent habit executed early in the day as well. Starting early helps in multiple ways. It’s complete before your day may become too long, too exhausting, or too stressful. Also, you check a major positive off your list first things and can ride that self-esteem high all the way through the remainder of the day.

5. Have fun with it and keep it convenient!

If it’s not fun or convenient, not only are you less likely to do it, but why would you want to? Choose a habit that you have investment in and that you enjoy. Try and choose something that’s easily accessible and not too terribly time consuming day-to-day. Bring friends/family along to make it fun. Focus on eating healthier foods that you actually enjoy versus forcing a habit around an enemy of your tastebuds. The benefits of convenience and enjoyment for 30-66 days of consistency cannot be overstated.

6. Consistency is King/Queen, variety is the enemy! 

Don’t panic if you miss one day or things change slightly, it’s a long, steady process. However, “mix it up” isn’t a great mantra when trying to form an ironclad habit. Pick a simple, easy cue or step and hang on to it. With too much variety comes too much effort and therefore you risk losing motivation and engagement. There’s no shame in eating an apple every day with your breakfast if your goal is to eat more fruit. Don’t feel like eating a different fruit every single day is automatically better.

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