Fall in Love with Running: 5 Tips!

Coach Casey · October 29, 2020

Running is fun! It’s great aerobic exercise, it gets you moving, and it can relieve all types of stress and anxiety. However, a lot of people do NOT love running, or fall out of love with running. Running gets much harder when you don’t love it. Forcing yourself through the motions minute after minute or mile after mile is tough without love. Everything’s harder without love!

Instead of writing a personal, deep, emotional love letter to running, we’re here to share the love with all of you! In the wise words of John Mayer, “love is a verb.” It requires action, practice, and effort. So, knowing that, here are 5 things YOU can do to fall in love with running this year from the team of run-loving coaches at Charge Running!

Mix up your running routes.

5 Tips to Fall in Love with Running!

1. Reward yourself!

It’s a simple, age-old trick of the mind, but tie running directly to something you already love. Really want to watch another episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Require a run first. Want to head out for a fancy cup of coffee? Earn it with a morning run. Really want that great pair of boots you don’t really need? Run before buying. Before you know it you’ll associate running with all those other things you love and will in turn fall in love with running!

2. Mix it up!

Part of what can make running hard to love for some people is the monotony of miles. Day after day, run after run on the same route in the same format. Mix it up! Don’t just vary your route but choose routes that are fun and visually engaging. Explore a new park. Do a normal route backwards. When you can, run at different times in the day. Try obstacle course runs/races or fun themes. Forge your own trail! With a break from the monotony and a little bit of the spice of life (variety), you’ll fall in love with running before you know it!

Try some exciting races

3. Make it about more than just running!

Running is about so much more than just the physical motion and exercise. Find that extra purpose. Maybe it’s the mental and emotional release that comes from running. Maybe it’s a way for you to explore your community and natural surroundings. Use running as an opportunity to try out some sweet new workout clothes and outfits. Run for a charity or cause that’s near and dear to your heart. Do a commuter run, using it as your mode of transportation from point A to point B. Keeping your focus on something else other than running makes it fun, and from a sense of fun you’ll eventually fall in love with running!

4. Find a community!

A community of like-minded runners and running partners (hound or human) can help you fall in love with running. Not only is running with others fun and social, but it keeps you accountable. With accountability comes consistency, and with consistency comes habit and progress. The big benefit is definitely the fun, social element though. Telling stories, catching-up, and laughing along with some fast friends (pun!) makes a run or workout fly by. Before you know it you’ll be head-over-heels in love with running and wishing for longer runs so you can have more time with your pals.   

Find a running community and partners

NOTE: Even is this socially-distanced age there are plenty of ways to run with running partners and find a community virtually. Check out Charge Running’s live, virtual run community of runners of all experience levels from all over the world! 

5. Games, music, and more!

Simple additions to your run can crank up the fun level and bring out the love! If you run with music, make sure the music is fire and that you mix up the playlist occasionally! Find a great, engaging podcast to keep you occupied. Make up some fun games to play while you run, whether alone or with a running partner. My personal favorite is “Name the Dog.” Spot a dog and come up with the perfect name, owner be damned. I land on “Jerome” more often than not. No matter what fun games you come up with, they’ll help you have a blast over many miles and fall in love with running!          


6. Revel in your personal progress!

As soon as you start to see all that great running progress your love of the activity will start to grow. Paces will become quicker. Weekly and daily mileage will grow and so will your love. Revel in the personal progress you make, no matter how small. Did you run an extra 2 minutes than the day before? Celebrate! Did you make it all the way up your neighborhood hill without walking? Celebrate! Did you get in your first run in a fresh pair of running shoes? Of course, celebrate! 

Looking to share your running love with a global community? Join Charge Running today and become a part of a live, virtual running community. Get started with unlimited runs and workouts coached in real-time by certified, professional coaches who LOVE running too!

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