Charge Running’s Virtual Races: Next-Level Racing!

Coach Casey · September 7, 2020

Whether you’re a runner, racer, race director, charity, or just an active public/private organization, virtual running races can be the perfect community-engaging, brand-building, message-spreading event. Charge Running’s virtual races check every one of those boxes and more!

Charge Running has developed an incredible, engaging, effective, and unique live virtual race platform that truly brings the experience of a live, “in real life” race to its users and race organizations. The Charge Running virtual race platform is the only, let me repeat that, THE ONLY live virtual racing platform that gives every single racer the ability to be coached and compete in real time against runners from around the world. Not only are all of our virtual races live curated, but they allow for numerous unique race features for race directors and organizations to give their supporters, current and future, a unique, exciting, engaging race experience.

You know who doesn’t offer this level of virtual racing experience? I’ll give you a hint…everyone else! But really, we’ve done our research, this is truly a virtual racing experience like no other. Sorry Strava and Fitbit. Sorry Nike Run Club. Better luck next time!

Why is Charge Running’s virtual race platform heads and shoulders above all others? How much time do you have? 

Charge Running's virtual races can be done by anyone, anywhere!

How Charge Running has set themselves apart in the virtual racing game:


This isn’t your normal, plain toast, boring virtual race experience. You don’t run alone and enter your finish time manually in a system that ranks you after the fact. This is LIVE virtual racing, and not all “live” are created equal! All runners are connected in real time with everyone entered in the race around the world. With a live, fluid leaderboard and real-time stats, runners feel like they’re in a race surrounded by hundreds (thousands?) of fellow racers!


With a 100% live setting, coaches are able to react and interact in real-time to all elements of the race. They can comment on the changes in the leaderboard, pace developments and mileage markers passed by each individual runner as well as respond to live questions from runners. Additionally, we are the ONLY virtual race platform that allows for multiple live coaches on the mic at once. This gives organizations and race/event directors the option to put their own representative on the mic live, alongside our professional coaches, cheering on and encouraging their community of participants.


The virtual racing experience is completely unique from one race to the next. No race will feel the same with Charge Running. Race directors or organizations can include more than just their own live coaches. They can build in their own unique playlists, supporter/sponsor shout outs, and pre-recorded soundbites. This gives every runner a truly directed, engaging, informative, and on-message race experience.

Charge Running's virtual races are social and interactive virtual races!


Charge Running’s virtual racing is a truly social experience. You’re likely to have more runner and organization interactions via our live coaching and in-run chat functions than you would during a non-virtual event! At Charge Running we have more lifetime chat messages sent between our users and coaches than total miles run! That’s A LOT of messages…because we’ve run A LOT of miles!


Runners who complete a Charge Running virtual race become part of a connected, committed community. Worldwide athletes become members of a long-term, passionate, accountable training group during our more than 20 live daily runs, workouts, and races! An ever-growing group of some of the most enthusiastic, positive, and engaged people in the world!


Charge Running’s virtual races have a global following! No more small, local-only 5k road races. The Charge virtual racing experience features access to communities of runners all around the world simultaneously. Messaging and fundraising efforts from race organizations are met with global participation supported by the in-run information communicated by coaches and the constantly active in-run chat feature. Race participants from country to country will have an organization’s message at the forefront of their mind throughout every step they take in the race!

Charge Running’s virtual racing is next-level racing! All the exciting, social, and unique elements that keep runners wanting more without ANY space or geographic restrictions. It’s virtual racing like you’ve never imagined it before!

Take your organization’s virtual race to the next level by contacting Charge Running today! There’s a global community of runners out there waiting to enter YOUR race!

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