Charge Running Gear Store Officially Opens!

Coach Casey · November 27, 2019

Looking to rep your Charge Running life in public for all the world to see? Have a hankering to wear the Charge logo proudly while you’re rolling through mile after mile of live runs? Feeling the urge to buy some new warm OR cold weather running gear? We’ve got you covered with the perfect online running merchandise store!

Charge Running officially launched their very first online gear/merchandise store! Charge users and fans alike will have access to a variety of functional and fashionable items. From winter beanies and 1/4 zips to racing singlets, all sizes and styles and colors are covered. The Charge Running store is there for you any time you need it…or just want it.

With the gift giving season right around the corner now is the perfect time to treat yourself or your friends/family to some Charge Running swag!

All your favorite running gear in one magical, convenient place!

Grab your Charge Running gear and get out there for your next live Charge run!

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