Charge Move and Prevention’s Walk!

Coach Casey · July 14, 2021

Charge Running is so much more than just running! We all know and believe in the power of physical activity, any physical activity. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t require 15 mile long runs and interval track workouts. Getting moving for 20+ minutes per day sets you on a path to all of your health goals! That’s why Charge Running is partnering with the amazing, inspiring folks at Prevention. In collaboration with Prevention, Charge will provide a live, virtual option for their Prevention Virtual Walk on October 2nd, 2021. To promote a healthy lifestyle even more, Charge will also introduce our walking-focused program called Charge Move

Charge Move is taking walking to the next level!

Charge Move!

Charge firmly believes in the positive power of movement. That belief along with the belief that #WalkingCounts led to the creation of the Charge Move program. The program will run from July 5th through the October 2nd Prevention Virtual Walk. Charge Move will focus on the power of and access to motivating, community-building, activity at any level. We’ll be hosting live, virtual 20 minute walking classes, twice per day, Monday through Friday. Every class will be open and free to all to participate! Want to meet some fellow walkers and socialize in the lead up to Prevention’s Virtual Walk event? You’re covered, we’ve got you! Looking for great walking exercise while being motivated by fellow athletes and a professional coach? We’ve got that too! Did I mention we also have the best workout playlists around?

Get involved in the Charge Move and Prevention Virtual Walk program!


Charge Move is geared towards all people, all runners and walkers alike. All are welcome no matter their fitness background or goals. The Charge and Prevention communities will be engaged in every one of the Charge Move classes, providing ample motivation! Says Charge co-founder Julie Wallock, “I can honestly say it’s the most positive community I’ve ever been a part of.” “Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging. It’s not about your pace—it’s about the community, coming in, doing a class, and feeling so much better when you leave.” Give it a shot: “You can connect with people you’d never get a chance to meet in your regular life,” says Charge coach Betsy Magato. “And you have this incredible thing in common.”

Walking on a regular basis, especially outside, can have incredibly positive and numerous physical and health benefits. Walking can help improve your movement mechanics and boost your mental health. It can build strength and aerobic endurance and ultimately help prevent injuries. Join the Charge Move movement and connect with a community of strong, positive, likeminded people from around the world!

Don’t wait to join Charge! Sign up now for the Charge Move program and get ready for the Prevention Virtual Walk. We’ll see you there! 

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