Virtual Race Platforms: Best of 2021!

Coach Casey · February 25, 2021

The past year has made it clear that virtual races are an essential, and often extremely effective way to engage runners while staying safe and healthy. The problem is that there are not many particularly good virtual race platforms out there. Few can simulate the true race experience for runners. Many common virtual race platforms do little more than create a virtual flyer and sign up page for your race/organization. To give your loyal group of runners/racers the experience they deserve, you need to find the right virtual race platform. One that’s easy, engaging, and effective at drumming up participation and engagement. 

Forget those uninspired, generic virtual race platforms with “mail in” results and limited personalization. It’s time to roll out your next virtual race with a platform that gives you AND your racers a fully immersive and positive race experience! Before your next virtual race, check out there 5 virtual race platforms for 2021, ranked from worst to best! 

Virtual Race Platforms: Best of 2021 Ranked!

5. Racery

Racery is a relatively unknown virtual race platform and certainly has its faults. While quite simple to use, it controls per racer fees. This does not allow for as much flexibility in fundraising options or goals for your organization. Racery is certainly more engaging than simply a “mail in” results system. However, the platform still leaves you wanting in terms of runner participation and engagement. Runners are only able to run on their own, on a set route, during a set period of time. They use the Racery app in order to have results recorded. Additionally, something to consider when looking at cost, Racery on average takes 40% of all entry fees from each participant.   

4. RunSignup

RunSignup has built an effective platform specifically for race sign ups and participant tracking. Like Eventbrite, but specifically for running/races, they have an easy to use and effective process for setting up race registration. As virtual races have begun to expand in popularity, RunSignup developed a virtual race platform to pair with their registration. Very adept at race promotion, registration, and donation tracking, RunSignup misses the mark with the race day experience. Currently they still rely on a variety of third party platforms for the “live experience.” Including FB Live, social media, and RaceJoy. The lack of centralization can make the process on race day less efficient for race directors/organizations and ultimately less engaging for runners. 

3. RaceRunner/JustMove

Where RunSignup lacks in race day engagement, RaceRunner by JustMove aims to excel. RaceRunner isn’t as intuitive and effective at race setup, marketing, and registration as some of the other platforms out there. They do however have a more racer-friendly app as a virtual race platform. RaceRunner uses a GPS system to track each individual racers stats when they choose to complete a respective race. The stats and live data is certainly a plus for the racer. However, race directors and organizations are not as supported in the process. Furthermore, the open-ended race dates and times can make it difficult for races to coordinate a pointed, effective marketing campaign. This cuts into the effectiveness of a rollout/celebration in tandem with a true race-day experience for all participants.

The right virtual race platform is key for runner engagement!

2. Haku

Haku is really a full service business and event management company with a strong focus on road races versus a true virtual race platform. They provide a partnership and “all-in-one” platform with the goal of simplifying your life as a race director/organizer. They cover the event from conception through post-race statistics and results. Virtual goodie bags for participants are a nice added piece of the Haku experience. Features like this separate them from the previous platforms on the list. As easy as Haku makes the race organization process, it still doesn’t provide an engaging race day experience for participants. Beyond compiling live race results, participants are still generally left to run alone. This limits any sense of positive competition or encouragement that is so key to a community road race!  

1. Charge Running

Who says you can’t have it all? The Charge Running virtual race platform gives race directors and organizations the ultimate virtual race experience. Races of any distance work one-on-one with the Charge Virtual Race team to set goals, develop a strategy, and set up all necessary pre-race steps. Charge offers virtual race features that aren’t available with any other platform. Including a professional coach working as MC (with a race-specific playlist) to keep all participants engaged and motivated from start to finish, in real time. Charge offers a truly social experience with a live in-race chat room for all. All Charge virtual races are hosted in real time via the Charge Running app. This means that all of your participants can truly compete against one another from anywhere in the world, outdoors OR inside on a treadmill. These are LIVE virtual races with real-time feedback like nothing else!

Check out the truly engaging and personalized Charge experience by signing up today! Don’t miss out on your chance to host your next virtual race with Charge Running!

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