Best Summer Road Races in the USA!

Coach Casey · July 20, 2021

Summer racing is back! With the summer season heating up, summer road race events across the country are returning. We could’t be more excited! From May through August cities and communities across the country roll out amazing summer road race events and spectacles. With great, positive, charitable causes associated with most all of them, there’s no leash not to partake! 

To help you narrow down your summer road racing calendar for years to come, Charge has compiled a list of the 10 best summer road race events in the USA! Enjoy the list and then go out and sign up and start preparing for some epic race experiences!

10 Best Summer Road Races in the USA!

San Lorenzo River Trail Runs – Santa Cruz, CA

Is it an easy race? No, absolutely not. Is it worth the struggles though to experience the views and race environment? Heck yes! With a course that traverses forests of 1500 year-old Coastal Redwoods, lush meadows, stream canyons, and beautiful ridges, it’s hard to beat from a visual perspective. Plus, even if you’re not a true “trail ultra-racer,” there are numerous distances (from 10km to 50km) to sign up for in order for all to feel comfortable.   

Strike Out ALS 5k – Chicago, IL

The fight against ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) has become synonymous with the charity work of Major League Baseball. The Chicago White Sox do their part with the Strike Out ALS 5k and 1 Mile races at their home park. Proceeds from the race go to support the work of the Les Turner ALS Foundation. The foundation provides unequaled care and support for those individuals and families battling ALS. Enjoy a bit of baseball, a bit of running, and the knowledge that you’re supporting a great cause with every drip of sweat!

Micro Brew Mile & 6k – Moline, IL

It’s not JUST about the beer with this summer road race event in the quad cities. With the great, yet uncommon, 6k race distance you’re almost guaranteed to get a personal best. After your race (whether you set a new PB or not) you can enjoy the amazing Craft Brew Festival featuring more than 35 breweries! In addition, each year four great local charities are chosen to benefit from the event. Win, win, win!  

Mount Marathon Race – Seward, AK

If you’re going to compete in a grueling mountain race, might as well make it a 106 year old grueling mountain race! The Mount Marathon Race in Seward, Alaska has been going strong since 1915. While the race is actually just 5k, it does require participants to run straight up the side of the 3022 foot Mount Marathon for 1.5 miles and then back down the other side. Are you brave enough?

Bay to Breakers – San Francisco, CA

Not to be outdone, while the above Mount Marathon kicked off in 1915, Bay to Breakers got its start 3 years earlier in 1912, making it the 8th oldest road race event in the USA. As a true celebration of all the magic, fun, and personality that makes San Francisco so unique, the summer road race event winds through nine of the city’s most historic neighborhoods. 12 kilometers of excitement, energy, and fandom, makes this an event not to miss! 

Peachtree Road Race – Atlanta, GA

One of the true star-studded summer road racing events each year, the AJC Peachtree 10k Road Race is a truly spectacular experience! Cutting through “Hotlanta” mid-summer makes for one heck of a sweaty speed-fest, and Peachtree never disappoints. Featuring groups of world-class distance runners vying for the crown brach year along with thousands of impassioned community members, there’s truly something for everyone. 

Bix 7 – Davenport, IA

Another great opportunity for a personal best! The Bix 7 summer road race is, as you could’ve probably guessed, a 7 mile race through downtown Davenport. An out and back route makes the 7 mile race a fast one and with a group of running legends who attend each year (Meb Keflezighi, Joan Benoit Samuelson, Bill Rodgers, etc.) it’s glorious for the running nerd in all of us. 

Liberty Mile – Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh. Nighttime. One mile race. Tell me more! That’s actually just about all you need to know. This ultra-fast, ultra-fun, and community-driven summer road race event checks all the boxes. With only about 2.5 turns in the entire course you’re bound to find your groove through downtown Pittsburgh and really make the most of the one mile. Plus it’s Pittsburgh so you know there’s an epic after party for all you sweaty race finishers!

Beach to Beacon – Cape Elizabeth, ME

The legend herself, Joan Benoit Samuelson, founded the Beach to Beacon 10k in 1998. The express purpose was and still is to celebrate running and raise money for children’s charities throughout Maine. The race has evolved over the years to become one of the best 10k summer road races in the world. A great charitable purpose, a legendary founder, and a world-class athlete field puts Beach to Beacon squarely and securely on this list.

Falmouth Road Race – Falmouth, MA

If you don’t have the chance to set a 7 mile race personal best at Bix 7, head to Massachusetts  and enter into the Falmouth Road Race. With an absolutely spectacular course the follows the Atlantic Ocean coast, you’ll at the very least experience absolutely breathtaking views. A seaside race on Cape Cod, overlooking Martha’s Vineyard in the summer. What else do you really need in a summer road racing experience? 

Prepare for your next great summer road race event with Charge Running! Sign up now and get all the personalized, live coaching you need to enter and enjoy any race!

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