Best of the Best: Race Results – USA Quarantine 2020

Coach Casey · August 10, 2020

Restrictions on races, gatherings, and training haven’t stopped some of the country’s and world’s greatest runners from producing incredible race results over the past 5 months. Teams and elite coaches have found creative ways to not only continue their training and development but use their time wisely to “compete” and keep their skills sharp in preparation for the 2021 Olympic push! From intra-squad meets to solo or team time trials, elite athletes have managed to produce personal bests, national records, and 2020 world best marks despite the pandemic. While there have been some smaller, more traditional, elite meets, the best race results have come from the unconventional, small group competitions put on by elite track clubs themselves.

To keep you motivated and prove that even in these uncertain times, you can always rely on the perseverance, dedication and positivity of running, we’re running down some of the greatest race results in the USA during the pandemic!

Track race results have been strong in 2020!

Bowerman Track Club – Women’s 5K

In the second edition of the BTC’s Portland Intrasquad Meet series, the women of the Bowerman Track Club let the world know in resounding fashion that they were still there, still training, and still kicking butt! Coming off an incredible 1500m race the week before, Shelby Houlihan lead the charge and brought home the “gold” with a new American Record 14:23.92 for 5,000 meters! Not only did she set a massive personal best and improve upon her own national record but she helped lead her teammate, Karissa Schweizer through to a PR, and 2nd best national time of 14:26.34. Teamwork DOES makes the dream work!

On Athletics Club – 1 Mile (Colorado Time Trial)

With the incredible level of running talent sprinkled throughout the USA it’s mind-blowing to learn that up until this past week, no one had ever run a sub-4 minute mile in the state of Colorado. Even with elite milers at colleges and high schools throughout the state and a series of professional teams based in CO, the altitude had proven too much to handle. That all changed with the newly formed On Athletics Club’s team time trial. Both Joe Klecker and Olli Hoare broke the 4 minute barrier with Hoare finishing in a state-best 3:56.8 and Klecker not far behind in 3:58:4. Is there a better way to introduce your new elite team to the world?!?! 

Bowerman Track Club – Men’s 5K 

The BTC Men’s 5K during the second Portland Intrasquad Meet saw two men finishing with 5,000 meter race results under 13:00 minutes, one of whom, Mo Ahmed, set a new Canadian National record with a time of 12:47.20. That’s blazing fast! Working together, Ahmed and teammate Lopez Lomong, with the help of some gracious BTC pacers, took control of the top two spots in the world so far in 2020. With those results, the Bowerman Track Club Men now make up 6 of the 10 top spots at 5,000m for 2020. Watch out world! Jerry Schumacher’s crew is coming for you!

Elle Purrier – 800m (“Track is Back” Meet #3)

2020 is quickly becoming the year of Elle Purrier! Shaking up the country with an astounding 4:16.85 Indoor Mile at the Millrose Games in February, Purrier surprised herself by setting a huge 8 second PR and smashing the previous American record that had stood for 37 years. Shortly after, Purrier returned to her home state of Vermont to train during the early stages of the COVID pandemic. That training certainly paid off! Heading to Hartford, CT for a race at a local high school, Purrier rocked the 800m distance and finished with a 2:00.70. There’s plenty of reason to think that due to Purrier, Vermont dairyland is about to see a HUGE influx of elite training camps…welcome to the Green Mountain State!

Donovan Brazier – 800m (The Big Friendly III: Revenge of the Friendly)

Brazier, the 23 year old 800m prodigy, made a splash in his 800m pandemic racing debut this past month by coming in and running a 2020 world best time of 1:43.84. The American record holder at 800m looked about as dominant as ever with his sixth-career sub 1:44 performance. In his traditional smooth/strong combination of race execution, Brazier won by more than 5 seconds over the professional field. If there was ever a reason to think that the U.S.A. could take home it’s first 800m Olympic gold since Dave Wottle in 1972, it’s Brazier! 

Josh Kerr – 1500m (The Big Friendly III: Revenge of the Friendly)

Not to be outdone by a fellow racer at the same meet, Josh Kerr followed-up Brazier’s impressive 800m result with a world-lead of his own at 1500m. Running 3:34.53 over a field that included Craig Engels, a 2019 World Championship finalist at the same distance, Kerr made it known that the pandemic was not slowing down his training at all. This all goes to show that at the true mid-distance events, the USA will not go down with a fight in preparation for the 2021 Olympic Games. 

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