Benefits of a Running Community!

Coach Casey · May 7, 2021

We all know that running alone sucks! Although occasionally a bit of solitude while logging miles can be nice, having a like-minded community of runners around you can make all the difference in your training. The benefits of having a running community that is consistent, supportive, and holds you accountable are endless. These running communities can be local running groups, social running clubs, competitive racing teams, or even a vast virtual community of global runners! Don’t just take my word for it. There have been many studies on the benefits of group exercise, all of which conclude that the community element vastly increases consistency and goal achievement. 

The science as well as the anecdotal evidence supports the fact that becoming part of a running group, and having a running community, can make all the difference over time. Just take a look at the great professional distance running teams in the USA alone. The Bowerman Track Club, On Athletics Club, Tinman Elite, and NAZ Elite. The list goes on and on. Every one of these groups benefit from community and group dynamic, and so can you! 

5 Proven Benefits of Having a Running Community 

Experience the proven benefits of being part of a running team or group!

1. Accountability

Choosing to skip runs or workouts will become a thing of the past. With a strong, engaged running community surrounding you, you are significantly more likely to grind out each day of your training whether you’re absolutely feeling it or not. Before long you’ll begin to look forward to the daily or weekly group runs/workouts due to the social element. Beyond that, by having a running community, you’ll constantly have a group of teammates reminding you of training and encouraging you. Excuses to avoid training will go straight out the window!

2. Increased Training Intensity

Human beings, and especially athletes, have a desire to be recognized for their skills and performances. At the very least we want to avoid being recognized for a lack of performance. Every runner recognizes this as the deep resistance to “being dropped” in a run, race, or workout. This internal, driving force, when in the right running community, means that you’ll push your intensity limits enough to keep with your group. Even just an increase of 25% during a training run or workout over time can produce drastically increased fitness development.

3. Increased Training Volume

Having a running community of likeminded people inevitably creates a positive, social environment. When you’re having fun, being social, you are MUCH more likely to exercise for longer. Whether consciously or simply by getting lost in the social interaction, it is common for runners to double their activity time when with a teammate or group versus alone. Spending more time on your feet, and enjoying every step leads to an easy and fun training volume increase!

Get all the benefits of being part of a running community!

4. Extrinsic Motivation

Many, many running communities nowadays create a great social element through post-run/workout events. Oftentimes finishing their daily or weekly group training sessions at a select locale for coffees, treats, or an ice-cold adult beverage. Whatever the pot-o’-gold at the end of the running rainbow, that reward is often more than enough to get you to show up and finish the work. Don’t resist the extrinsic motivation or bribe. Embrace it and use it as a consistent, motivating force. 

5. Running Education

Whether you’re a true “running nerd” or not, we all love to learn. Gaining additional knowledge about running, training, health, nutrition, or really anything is fun. Will it inevitably help you win your next round of bar trivia? Probably not. However, the more you know about your activity of choice the better prepared you are to succeed. Having a running community and individuals on your running team to feed you that knowledge and education (mostly for free) is worth every step of your long run or tempo workout.

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