Bad Running Habits to Break: Top 5!

Coach Casey · November 19, 2020

Habits are about as hard to break as they are to form. For runners, there are plenty of healthy, positive habits that we are constantly working on. Stretching for a minimum of 15min every day after a run or workout. Completing your core and strength training routine 3 times per week. Balancing your diet! All of these things add to your running success. However, there are also plenty of bad running habits out there. We all have them. Breaking a few of these common, bad running habits can do just as much to contribute to your success and development as a runner as forming some new good running habits.

From the running and bad habit experts at Charge Running, here’s a list of 5 bad running habits to break this year!

Bad Running Habits to Break Right Away: Top 5

Start your day off right with a proper breakfast!

1. Don’t Eat (or Drink) Desserts for Breakfast

Breakfast may not be for everyone the most exciting meal of the day, but we all know that it’s important! Avoid consuming sugar-heavy, sweet treats for breakfast in place of heartier, macronutrient rich dishes. No more muffins, waffles/pancakes, donuts, or even those fancy, heavily-flavored “coffee” drinks! Set the day off properly with some oatmeal, eggs, and a simple cup o’joe. Getting enough calories into your system during breakfast is certainly important before your daily run/workout, but the RIGHT calories are key.

2. Don’t Be Your Own Doctor (Unless You’re a Doctor!)

Unless you are in fact a trained, certified medical professional, don’t go down the self-diagnosing rabbit hole. Practicing doctors, chiropractors, athletic trainers, and physical therapists exist for a reason! Not only is it detrimental to your psyche to look into all the things that COULD be wrong, but it also could be damaging to your actual recovery or performance. Let the experts do their job, schedule an appointment.

Rely on the advice of experts and doctors to diagnose an issue.

3. Don’t Play Catch-Up on Sleep or Recovery

If you end up losing 1-2 hours of sleep during a busy night, don’t worry, just don’t make it a habit. What you don’t want to do is tell yourself that you can sacrifice sleep or rest now, for sleep/rest later. Not sleeping enough during the weekdays and then trying to catch up by sleeping 14hrs each day on the weekends DOES NOT WORK. The same goes for recovery training days. Don’t skip a recovery day during your weekly training cycle with the idea that you’ll just take 2 recovery days the following week. Your body physiologically needs consistency in its rest and recovery cycles in order for you to see the positive adaptations in fitness and training that you’re looking for.  

4. Don’t Choose Quantity Over Quality

Forcing your body through a bad run just to hit a predetermined mileage goal does no one any good. The physiological difference between 47 and 50 miles in a week is marginal at best. This is especially true if those extra miles in a given run push your legs past the point of no-return. Allow yourself to choose a quality run over a mileage quantity when needed. If you’re body needs a bit of a break, cut your mileage down for that day and enjoy a higher-quality, lower-quantity run. Your body will thank you in time!

Run without relying on tech!

5. Don’t ONLY Rely on Tech

Kinesthetic awareness, or body awareness, is extremely important to develop as a runner. Not only does this help clue you in to when your mechanics may feel a bit off but also this will help you stay ahead of any potential oncoming injuries. This awareness comes from a certain amount of “unplugging.” Don’t obsess over your cadence, HR, or pace too much from the perspectives of your GPS watch or app. Spend some time during your weekly training runs listening to your breathing, the rhythm of your feet hitting the ground, and training yourself to be able to execute specific paces without having to check your splits. Technology is an incredibly useful tool for tracking, motivation, and accountability, however, you should work to avoid becoming solely reliant on it. 

Looking for the expert advice to help break bad running habits and form good ones? Join Charge Running and get unlimited access to the knowledge and expertise of every one of our professional, certified coaches!

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