At-Home Workouts: 5 Workouts for During COVID!

Coach Casey · April 13, 2020

Nowadays, we’re spending more time at home than ever before, that doesn’t mean though that training, fitness, and development have to come to a screeching halt. Through proper at-home workouts and cross training, runners can continue to build towards their fitness and race goals without leaving their living rooms or basements. 

With just bodyweight and a few basic pieces of exercise equipment you can get in a TON of additional training without a gym, treadmill, or even a workout partner. Check out the great at-home workouts outlined below that are perfect for runners at any level!

5 Perfect At-Home Workouts for Runners!

Great at-home workout demonstration of a goblet squat variation with a dumbbell

Bodyweight Squat Ladder

Opening up your hip flexors, engaging your quads, and posterior chain simultaneously, squats of any time are a runners best friend. Without any equipment at all you can design and awesome, scalable ladder workout that’ll do wonders for your strength, speed, and endurance.

  • Start by choosing any 3 (or more) of the squat variations below:
    • Bodyweight Squat (this is the basic one)
    • Side Step/Walk Squat
    • Forward Walking Squat
    • Squat with Side Leg Lift
    • Box/Chair Squat
    • Surrender Squat
    • Jump Squat
    • Squat Kickback
  • Next, design a circuit of your selected movements in the following ladder format:
    • 8 Reps of Each (30-60 sec break)
    • 6 Reps of Each (30-60 sec break)
    • 4 Reps of Each (30-60 sec break)
    • 2 Reps of Each (30-60 sec break)
    • 2 Reps of Each (30-60 sec break)
    • 4 Reps of Each (30-60 sec break)
    • 6 Reps of Each (30-60 sec break)
    • 8 Reps of Each (30-60 sec break)
  • Finally, repeat the circuit between 3-6 times (or as many times as you feel necessary) with full rest in between (feel really ready to go!)
  • As you progress, decrease your rest time, add extra movements, or increase your total circuit sets. 

Resistance Band Mobility/Strength Circuit

We’re going to further eliminate the guess work and decision making here. Follow the resistance band workout outlined below, designed to increase flexibility, mobility, and strength, to a “T” and you’re all set! All you need is one resistance band and a safe, secure area of your home!

  • Circuit 1 (3min rest after)
    • 10 reps Glute Bridge (band around knees)
    • 15 reps Clam Shells (band around knees)
    • 15 reps Monster Walks per direction (band around ankles)
  • Circuit 2 (2min rest after)
    • 15 reps Ankle Dorsiflexion per leg (band around ankle, attached to secure object)
    • 15 reps Standing Hip Abduction per leg (band around ankle, attached to secure object)
    • 20 reps Side Steps per direction (band around knees)
  • Circuit 3
    • 15 reps Standing Kick Backs per leg (band under foot, attached to secure object)
    • 20 reps Donkey Kicks per leg (band around knees)
    • 20 reps Deep Squat (band under feet, up over shoulders)

Core Routine

Keeping a strong, stable core is essential to maintaining good, efficient running form. Core workouts also happen to be easy to execute at home with no equipment at all. 

  • Set aside 15min of time and do as many circuits of the following core workout as you can. Keep track of your number of completed sets in the time and track your progress each week!
    • 15 reps Lying Supermans
    • 8 reps per leg Side Plank Hip Drops
    • 10 reps Elevator Planks
    • 12 reps per leg Mountain Climbers
    • 10 reps Straight Leg Lifts
    • 8 reps per leg/arm Bird Dogs
    • 30 second Forward Plank Hold (on elbows)
Demonstration of a single-arm overhead press with a dumbbell or kettle bell, being done during an at-home workout

Kettle Bell Workout

You only need 1-2 kettle bells for this workout, and don’t worry if you don’t have them, there are plenty of substitutes. Grab some big jugs of water, some laundry detergent or really anything heavy with a secure handle!

  • First, choose just 2 of the kettle bell movements below:
    • Russian kettle bell swing (or American kettle bell swing)
    • Kettle Bell row 
    • Goblet Squat
    • Kettle bell double-overhead press
    • High Pull
    • Russian Twists
    • Kettle Bell Floor Press
    • Farmer Carry Lunges (single arm or double)
  • Next, use the following “Blackjack” format for your workout:

*HINT: your total reps should always equal 21, and while reps of Movement #1 decrease, reps of Movement #2 increase!

  • 20 reps of Movement #1, 1 rep of Movement #2
  • 19 reps of Movement #1, 2 reps of Movement #2
  • 18 reps of Movement #1, 3 reps of Movement #2
  • 17 reps of Movement #1, 4 reps of Movement #2
  • 16 reps of Movement #1, 5 reps of Movement #2
  • So on, and so on, and so on, and so on, until…
  • 1 rep of Movement #1, 20 reps of Movement #2

Simple as that!

Injury Prevention Routine

The all important injury prevention routine! Every runner has a different approach to injury prevention but there are some tried-and-true movements that will help you stave off common overuse running injuries when done consistently. Combine this simple routine with your post-run recovery stretches, rolling, icing, etc. and you’re bound to stay healthier longer!

  • SUPERSET: 2 sets of 15 reps per exercise
    • Single-leg Calf Raises
    • Runners Lunge
    • Inch Worm Push-Up
    • Single-Leg Glute Bridge
    • Jane Fonda Leg Raises (Lateral Leg Raise)
    • Deadbugs
Demonstration of a weighted forward lunge for mobility and strength in your at-home workouts.

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