Spring Races to Watch in 2021!

Coach Casey · April 12, 2021

Spring is fully upon us now and that means the return to the true road and track racing season as we cruise through April and May and roll right into what we hope to be a beautiful summer of racing! Before we get too far ahead of ourselves and start our annual Olympic projections, let’s focus on the great racing happening in the next 2 months! There are plenty of awesome Spring races to watch this year! Professional and amateur runners alike are turning in incredible performances in races from coast to coast in the USA and all around the world.

If you’re a major running nerd like all of us at Charge (and we know you are!), you’re going to be glued to your computer screens, phones, and TVs checking updates on a full slate of amazing races occurring this Spring. If you’re NOT a huge running geek (yet) then now’s the time! Check out our list of the best 2021 Spring races to watch as we gear up for summer!

5 Spring Races to Watch in 2021!

Spring Races to Watch in 2021!

1) Desiree Linden’s attempt at the 50k World Record (Date TBD)

While not exactly a “race” this is absolutely a result to watch. Des Linden, Boston Marathon hero, distance runner extraordinaire, and all around badass is out to get her first WR. This April, Linden will take a crack at breaking the 50k World Record currently held by Aly Dixon of Great Britain. An against-the-clock Spring road race like no other! A blistering time of 3:07:20 set in 2019 is under siege by the experienced marathoner. To break it would mean running sub-6:01 per mile…for 31.1 miles! If anyone is going to take it down, it’s Des Linden!

2) USATF Golden Games/Distance Open at Mt. SAC (May 9th)

Events held at Mt. SAC, notably their annual relays, have become track & field lore over the years. While the 2021 collegiate edition of the Mt. SAC relays have been cancelled, the professional series is on and it is definitely one of the Spring races to watch! A great mix of events held at the historic venue just 6 weeks ahead of the Olympic Trials will be a big draw. You can always count on great performances in the months leading up to an Olympic Trials but 2021 is bound to be on another level. With so many superstar athletes racing significantly less during the COVID-19 pandemic everyone is itching to run fast! 

3) Pro Track Series – LA & Portland (May 14th-15th + May 29th)

In an effort to get more US domestic opportunities for the great athletes of track & field, a new pro series is launching this Spring. The “Track Series” as it’s been dubbed (very original) has brought together a set of some of the country’s best pro meets into one cohesive, competitive series. The Los Angeles Track Meet and Portland Track Festival will kick off the new series on 5/14 and 5/29 respectively and should be a BLAST to watch. Certainly these first two events and the three following will become new favorites for Spring races to watch each year. The new series prides itself on fan engagement with YouTube live streams of all events. These will be some of the best meets for Olympic hopefuls to get some racing under their legs before June.

4) adidas Boost Boston Games ( May 23rd)

While not always the most competitive meet of the season, the Boost Boston Games may be the most fun! With a wide and unique set of events for pros (150m dash!) and amateurs (Boston Fire Department vs. Boston Police Department relay), there’s a ton to watch. Not convinced it’s worth your time yet? Did I mention it’s a street meet! That means some of the events are run on a straightaway track constructed in the middle of Boylston St.! The best of Spring road races and track races combined. In normal times the meet would also featured the Back Bay Mile, a street mile race rivaled only by the famed Fifth Avenue Mile in New York. Fun on top of fun! Speed beyond speed!

5) Diamond League Series – Doha (May 28th)

Host of the last IAAF World Championships in 2019, Doha has become a hot spot for track & field competition. This year, in the last Diamond League event before final Olympic prep, we’re bound to see some star-level results. While the Diamond League and IAAF have lost some popularity with the rise of more private, local events and series, they still boast some of the world’s best in each meet. The Doha competition will be no different making it one of the top Spring races to watch in 2021!

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