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Coach Casey · September 15, 2021

Best Running Sunglasses for 2021

While the summer may be coming to a close (or already gone) there’s no shortage of sunshine still to come! Whether out for a training run or on a track getting in a hard workout, having a fresh, quality pair of running sunglasses can be key. They’ve got to look good, be comfortable, and most […]

Coach Casey · September 7, 2021

Best Core Exercises for Runners

As runners we’ve all been told at one time or another how important core strength is to athletic performance. Maybe a doctor or trainer spoke about injury prevention? Maybe a coach discussed the importance of core in mechanical efficiency? Or maybe a commercial for a fitness company simply mentioned the aesthetics of a strong core? […]

Coach Casey · August 31, 2021

Best Running Books for 2021

With the onset of more and more streaming television and movie options, reading books may be falling by the wayside. For those of us that still love the written word though, there’s no shortage of great reading options out there. As runners, of course, all we want to read about is more running. Right? Well, […]

Coach Casey · August 25, 2021

How to Balance Running and Life

Even as we all may be spending more time at home, less time commuting, and may feel like we have a more flexible schedule, the reality is that we probably don’t. There are still limited hours in the day and SO much to do. Between work, life, family, and running, there’s rarely time for anything […]

Coach Casey · August 17, 2021

Speed Work for Distance Runners

Running fast is fun. Whether you’re a pure sprinter or a marathoner, speed is an essential training element. There are a variety of ways to train speed and even more reason why ALL runners should do speed work. All distance runners, despite the common jokes, also need to be ready and able to accelerate up […]

Coach Casey · August 10, 2021

Best Cross-Training for Runners!

In order to maintain a long, healthy, and successful running career (whether you’re a “weekend warrior” or an avid marathoner), cross training is required. Cross-training is planned aerobic and strength exercises/activities other than running. These low-impact or non-impact motions allow for muscle and bone recovery. Cross-training activities can be particularly beneficial if you are dealing […]

Coach Casey · August 4, 2021

Running Shoes: Info YOU Need To Know

One of the many beauties about running is the simple lack of required equipment/gear to do it successfully. No sticks, balls, or pads required. No facility rentals or lugging 40 pound gym bags necessary. With a pair of shorts, a shirt, and the right pair of running shoes you can conquer endless days and miles […]

Coach Casey · July 27, 2021

Best Running Resources

Runners are by nature students of their craft. Notoriously nerdy and inquisitive people, distance runners love soaking up knowledge on their sport and how to improve. Every little bit of information gathered could provide the edge to make the next long run just a little easier. Each article poured over could unlock the secret to […]

Coach Casey · July 20, 2021

Best Summer Road Races in the USA!

Summer racing is back! With the summer season heating up, summer road race events across the country are returning. We could’t be more excited! From May through August cities and communities across the country roll out amazing summer road race events and spectacles. With great, positive, charitable causes associated with most all of them, there’s […]

Coach Casey · July 14, 2021

Charge Move and Prevention’s Walk!

Charge Running is so much more than just running! We all know and believe in the power of physical activity, any physical activity. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t require 15 mile long runs and interval track workouts. Getting moving for 20+ minutes per day sets you on a path to all of your health goals! […]

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