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Coach Casey · July 20, 2021

Best Summer Road Races in the USA!

Summer racing is back! With the summer season heating up, summer road race events across the country are returning. We could’t be more excited! From May through August cities and communities across the country roll out amazing summer road race events and spectacles. With great, positive, charitable causes associated with most all of them, there’s […]

Coach Casey · July 14, 2021

Charge Move and Prevention’s Walk!

Charge Running is so much more than just running! We all know and believe in the power of physical activity, any physical activity. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t require 15 mile long runs and interval track workouts. Getting moving for 20+ minutes per day sets you on a path to all of your health goals! […]

Coach Casey · July 7, 2021

Create the Perfect Running Playlist!

Music can have an incredibly powerful effect on our emotions. It can cause intense memory recall. Most importantly, for all of us runners out there, our running music can motivate! With the right playlist of songs, you can stay on pace, stay motivated, stay distracted, and push far past your expected point of exhaustion. In […]

Coach Casey · June 29, 2021

Summer Running Struggles!

All runners know the unique pain and pleasure combination that accompanies the summer running, racing, and training season. It’s both beautiful and so very difficult simultaneously. For every bit of joy that comes from the the season’s lush scenery and sunshine, there’s the discomfort of humidity and high heat. For each extra hour of wonderful […]

Coach Casey · June 24, 2021

Running During Vacation: 6 Easy Tips

It’s vacation time! Take a break. Get out of town for some adventure and fun! However, just because it’s a break from normal life doesn’t mean you need to miss time when it comes to your training or running during vacation. With the proper planning, approach, and mindset, you can enjoy every second of your […]

Coach Casey · June 18, 2021

Fitness & Health Benefits of Walking!

Many people when thinking about exercise, especially endurance training, discount the vast benefits of walking. There are numerous fitness and health benefits of walking that often are overlooked or even looked down on. What some see as simply a form of recovery or “active rest” can in fact be as beneficial to your overall health […]

Coach Casey · June 11, 2021

5 Upper Body Exercises for Runners

Don’t let anyone tell you that distance runners don’t need to be strong or need to do upper body exercises. Upper body strength exercises for runners is key to increasing performance, efficiency, and ultimately speed! While there’s no need to lift like an NFL lineman or go the Arnold Schwarzenegger route, a few simple upper […]

Coach Casey · May 26, 2021

Global Running Day with Charge!

Charge Running is once again rolling out ALL the stops for Global Running Day in 2021! This year, in celebration of all things running, we’re partnering with UCAN for an absolutely epic live virtual event. This is set up to be the largest virtual 5k of this year’s Global Running Day celebration. You absolutely will […]

Coach Casey · May 21, 2021

Tips for Better Sleep for Runners

Runners by nature are incredibly active, high-energy people. However, like everyone else, we need proper sleep each night in order to keep up with that high-energy, active lifestyle. Every try to complete a long threshold run on suboptimal sleep the night before? I DO NOT recommend it! One of the primary recommendations from the Center […]

Coach Casey · May 7, 2021

Benefits of a Running Community!

We all know that running alone sucks! Although occasionally a bit of solitude while logging miles can be nice, having a like-minded community of runners around you can make all the difference in your training. The benefits of having a running community that is consistent, supportive, and holds you accountable are endless. These running communities […]

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