Tailored training plans, just for you.

Here is what you’ll receive with Charge’s Private Run Coaching:

Video call with your coach

During your onboarding, you’ll communicate with your coach on your current running experience and running goals in order for them to develop a custom-tailored program for your specific needs.

Customized training plan

You’ll be provided a dynamic weekly training schedule outlining specific daily training runs, as well as weekly goal mileage to keep you on track and help prevent the dreaded ‘runner burnout’.

Running form video analysis

Each month, you’ll submit a video of yourself running outside or on a treadmill to receive specific feedback on how to improve your posture and running mechanics. This audit is critical in optimizing your running form so you can continue down a more efficient, injury-free running journey.

Exclusive racing singlet

Your coaching package includes a performance tank top in a design only available for one-on-one coaching participants. Wick away moisture and keep your body cool during each of your training sessions.

Access to Final Surge

Final Surge is a first-class training platform to view all of your daily and weekly training runs, document run times, and maintain constant communication with your coach.

Why should I have
a private run coach?

Whether you are a new runner or training for your next marathon, having a dedicated running coach helps to hold you accountable, mitigate running-related injuries, and make sure you are on track for hitting your goals.

Our coaches bring a wealth of knowledge from years of coaching experience and have a proven track record of coaching runners who have run anything from one mile to an ultra-marathon, as well as those who are wanting to maintain or build their physical fitness.

As you’ve participated in their live and on-demand classes, you’ve likely learned how dedicated they are to you and your running journey, and now you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with one to help take you to the next level!