Host a Virtual Race

Charge Racing offers live, virtual races and events that connect you and
your runners together in the most engaging and exciting way possible.

We've helped
organizations, non-profits, and religious groups stay connected

Experience the Difference
with Charge

Professionally organized for a successful event for your runners
A LIVE race announcer welcoming you in to your event
Real-time leaderboard
Runners from all over the world participating together in real-time

How it Works


Pick a date/time distance

We’ll work together on selecting the perfect race date and start time for you and your runners, just like an in-person event.


Set up registration and payment

You’ll collect all the payment and registration information on your end. If you need help with this, we have a team ready to help get you set up.


Decide on Swag or other perks

Are you offering shirts, bibs, or medals? Our
live chat is an opportunity to receive great promotional material from your runners for
your next race!


Market your event

You can promote the event yourself, or we can market your event through our huge network of runners and racers through email and social media.


Join the live virtual event
on your race day!

On the date and time of your race, runners from all over the world join in together to run, race, and cheer each other on every step of the way

Continue to grow revenue
during Covid-19

According to The Nonprofit Times, 67.9% of charities have seen a decrease in contributions since the pandemic. The events that charities normally have been canceled. In order to keep fundraising, charities need to put on virtual events. Since April 2020, Charge Racing has helped charities raise over 2.5 Million dollars!