Jenny’s Legacy 5K

60 min

Five years gone... Five lives saved through organ donation... A 5K in honor Jenny Eggers Attenasio, who we will always admire and forever miss.

On January 30, 2017, at age 37, Jenny delivered her first baby, a son with sparkly blue eyes, just like hers. She and her husband enjoyed only two hours with Teddy as a family of three. Then, Jenny tragically suffered a pulmonary embolism. Two days later she was declared brain dead and taken off life support. Because she was an organ donor, she saved five lives with vital organs (heart, lungs, liver and kidneys) and improved dozens of others though tissue donations. These recipients could not have changed her outcome, but she absolutely changed theirs.

Jenny was incredible in so many ways, and being a competitive athlete was one of her greatest strengths and loves. She was a high school varsity basketball player and track star, collegiate high jumper, and completed two ironman triathlons. Hosting a 5K race is a very appropriate way to celebrate her. She would want us to sweat and have fun doing it!

Although Jenny would absolutely try to beat us all, this race is less about the miles and more about people who know and love her coming together in some way to think about her collectively at this five-year mark. It's also for people who may not know Jenny personally, but want to celebrate her incredible life and the impact she has left.

Jenny is not here in the way we want, yet she lives on in the resilient people who are now thriving in thanks to her organ donations. She lives on in all of us who remember her. Jenny died exactly as she lived -- with generosity, selflessness and strength.
Proceeds for this race will be donated to LiveOnNY, the organization which facilitated her organ donation. Proceeds will also be shared with Asphalt Green, the non-profit facility where Jenny trained for triathlons, and does incredible work bringing athletics and fitness to all New Yorkers, especially underprivileged youth.

We appreciate any financial support of these two organizations but please know that simply registering for the race is a gift itself. Even if you don't run / walk, by signing up you'll have access to this awesome community and help build awareness for importance causes.

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