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Shelby Schmidt
Written by
April 7, 2022

Runners are a lot of things. Creatures of habit. Dedicated. Sweaty. Embracers of pain. Lovers of skimpy shorts. Most of all though the decision to commit oneself to a life as a runners can aptly, although very basically, be described as just plain weird!

Now, as runners ourselves, the team here at Charge could spend hours if not days creating a list of all the weird things we do...and that would just be us! Nevermind the thousands of other runners around the world and all of their unique, odd, peculiar habits. We've done our best here to summarize to oddity and weirdness of runners in 10 things. Each one may just give you a bit more insight into yourself (as a runner) or those around you. Enjoy!

10 Weird Things That All Runners Do

1. Runners are often too tired to complete basic human tasks (like taking off their pants before bed), but will go run for miles regardless of how they feel.

2. Runners will wake up super early to watch races around the world, even though they aren't running in them, have no plans to, don't know anyone in the race, and ultimately have no vested interest financial or otherwise in the results.

3. Runners will almost ALWAYS run races on holidays while others sleep in...and no, it's not just to find a moment of silence and sanity away from family.

4. Runners will analyze a person's shoes in search of signs of a fellow runner, that way a conversation about the best alternative to toilet paper during a marathon can be brought up. Even if they no signs of a fellow runner are identified you better believe if the shoes look athletic at all you'll be hearing about it!

5. Runners will constantly look for new recovery tools, potions, herbs, rubs, mantras, and strategies, but refuse to put sleep first on our priority list. Let’s all just wake up before dawn for a workout no matter when bedtime was!!! Or god-forbid they skip the post-race beer and burger and actually drink some water.

6. Runners will race themselves to exhaustion for miles and miles solely for the promise of a cheap cotton shirt, a participation medal, and free food.

7. Runners will sit in traffic and think they could run faster than this. Or travel anywhere by any means and do the math to determine how fast you could just run to your destination. (Here's a hint: it's ALWAYS faster to run)

8. Runners will insist on correcting people who describe a 5k as 3 miles, when in fact it is 3.10686. We're not complete curmudgeons though, we'll happily just correct someone to "3.1 miles." The extra bit of running matters to us!

9. Runners will keep signing up for more and more races even when they say they aren’t.

           "What are you doing down there Steve? You better not be signing up for another marathon!"

            "Nothing, nothing, of course not dear, ummmm...I'm just reading this article on the intersection of thermodynamics and Lady Gaga. Also, on a completely              unrelated topic, are we doing anything next Sunday?" 

10. Runners will always do a double-take to analyze a passerby's running form. In the car, on a bike, walking the dog, it doesn't matter. Upon analysis the conclusion is always the same, "I look better than that!"

but, the weirdest thing of all.... RUNNERS LOVE EVERY STINKING MINUTE OF IT!!!!

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