Written by
Shelby Schmidt
Written by
February 16, 2022

Just go! Honestly, for real, it all starts with that simple notion. In order to run, you have to start. 

There’s no getting around it, it's not going to be easy. You will have to learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. It will however be 100% worth it and starting running will give you confidence, the feeling of accomplishment, and the resilience to keep running longer than you’d even dream. 

Here are a few tips, tricks and some sound advice on how to get up and out on the run: 

5 Tips For All New Runners 

1. Don’t expect it to happen over night:

Running and not feeling like you are about to fall apart won't come naturally for most of us. It's going to be about mini goals and consistency. When you go out for a run remove any expectations of distance or pace. Start with manageable, distances and efforts. Don’t forget that walking counts! Take walk breaks as needed when you’re first getting started. Better yet, take out the guess work and join one of Charge Running’s live RUN/WALK classes that breaks down your run into manageable segments for all levels. 

2. Run every other day:

I am a big advocate for every other day running in general but especially for those who are just starting to get going on their running journey. Strength training, walking or biking on days off will keep you busy while staying active and lowering impact fatigue. No matter what, when you’re first starting to run it’s best to give your body a day of rest in between runs. The new movement and new muscle groups you are stressing will need time to recover so swapping activities (and taking rest days) will help to keep soreness/fatigue down and avoid overuse injuries. 

3. Get good shoes:

This is where going to your local running store can really help out. Getting the RIGHT pair of shoes for you is key. Running shoe specialists can see how you run, walk, move, and recommend what brand/style would work best. Bonus: They are used to beginner runners coming in and can let you know some running groups in the area or good routes to try out! Don’t be afraid to try multiple brands, styles and take them for a walk or run around the shop. A good pair of shoes need minimal breaking in out of the box and trust me, if they aren’t feeling good new, they won’t feel good after a mile! 

4. Forget about pace:

The LAST thing any new runner needs to worry about is how fast they are going. Speed comes with time and consistency—NOT from being hyper-focused on the pace from the beginning and telling yourself to go faster and faster and faster. That’s a key reason Charge crafts all of our runs and workout classes around an effort scale versus prescribing a specific pace per mile. Every day, every run and each runner is different so we want you to make sure that you are producing the effort that is right for you for that moment in time. If you really want to get into running you have to let go of what pace you think you “should” be at and focus on just getting out there and moving. Don’t worry, the speed will come! 

5. Have fun with it:

Don't be afraid to be silly and enjoy yourself! Running is ultimately something we do for ourselves. Remember that running, exercising, and being healthy should never be a punishment. Come join Charge for some of our weekly themed run classes! Roll through your miles rocking a super bright, loud running outfit that makes you smile. Enjoy the movement, enjoy the fresh air, and enjoy the journey! Bonus: reach out to any awesome Charge coach when you need a boost of fun—they’re always good for a healthy amount of fun and humor to keep things light but effective! 

You don’t have to start your running journey alone! Join Charge Running and let us continuously motivate and guide you through your start. We want to share the love of running and make sure that you get off on the right (or left) foot!