Written by
Shelby Schmidt
Written by
March 15, 2022

Running safely isn’t just something to consider when it comes to our training plans. We also have to be sure that while we are getting out there and doing what we love, we are being aware and keeping ourselves safe in the process.  

You wouldn’t drive without headlines on at night—so why would you not light yourself up at night when you run? You wouldn’t go to a new place alone while it’s in the early morning—why do that on your run?

We love all runners and want to be sure that everyone is enjoying their miles day after day while being safe. Here are some of our tips to make sure that you break a sweat while also staying safe! 

5 Running Safety Tips

1. Bring along a means of identification. This could be your ID or something easier to wear like a Road ID. My sister got one for me in bracelet form after I almost lost my ID while out running (I forgot it was in my running shorts) I’m able to put my name, emergency contact, any medical info, etc. on it and just pop the bracelet on before I head out. They make ones for kids, pets, watches and more. If heaven forbid you are in a situation to where you are unresponsive this little accessory can make a HUGE difference.

2. Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t get so lost in your run that you don’t take the time to look around. This primarily can be solved by sticking to running routes that you know well. I’ve seen WAY too many people, runners and non-runners alike, be completely oblivious to cars as well as other pedestrians. Never take for granted that anyone sees you or is checking that you are on the sidewalk/road. It doesn’t matter if you have the right of way—if someone isn’t paying attention it will not make a difference. Be sure to be well-lit as well if running in the dark. There are plenty of great running light/vest options that make runners far more visible. 

3. If something feels wrong or off—head away! Feel like someone is following you? Make eye contact. Don’t pretend to ignore them. Let them know you see them and are aware. Know your routes and know where the populated areas are so you can get near other people fast and get help. When in doubt call for help or call 911. Do not feel bad about being wrong or offending someone if you feel uncomfortable or like you’re in an unsafe environment. I personally would much rather be wrong than wish I would have listened to my gut.

4. Make sure someone trusted always knows where you are. Be sure to communicate where you’re going for your run, when you’re going, and for how long you’re expected to be out. Then touch base with them when you are safely home or back in your car. Bonus points if you even share your tracking info with them! (There are a bunch in the respective app stores but my go to is RoadID) While I admit sometimes I forget to turn off the tracker and get annoyed when my contacts call me a bit panicked to make sure I’m ok I know that the small eye roll I give could very well be my lifesaver.

5. Have some sort of safety device with you. On your runs be sure to bring a safety alarm, pepper spray, a key, etc. for an added level of security and protection just in case. Just something that can either fend off an attack or at least draw bystanders attention that you need help. Pick whatever you are comfortable with but have SOMETHING!

No one should feel scared to go on runs, but we all should feel prepared and empowered each time we head out the door! Want to take it a step further? Look up local self defense classes in your area that can equip you with some added skills and knowledge for additional protection.

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