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Casey Green
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June 30, 2022

Preparing for an upcoming race? Aiming for a new PR? Charge Running is launching a 14-week progressive training series, starting on Tuesday, July 5th, to set anyone and everyone up for PR success at any distance from 5K to the marathon! Welcome to the PR Race PRoject!

Structured around two key workouts per week, the PR Race PRoject will help train your pace management skills, race speed, strength, and ultimately your fitness and race confidence. This series, based on relative effort and progress, is perfect for anyone at any stage of their running and racing journey. Each and every week you can join Charge Running LIVE for a fundamental speed workout as well as a key strength-building long run.

What to expect with the PR Race PRoject:

Two key workouts per week during the PR Race PRoject is just the start! While the weekly training focus will be on the weekly speed workout and long run, participants will also have access to a full training guide outlining suggestions for additional runs, workouts, and cross-training to stay on track for that big PR!


Every Tuesday at 6:00pm ET (10:00pm GMT), Charge Running will host a live speed workout, perfect for any race distance preparation. Structured as simulated 800 meter repeats, PR Race PRoject participants will progressively build from 3 repeats up to 9 on a bi-weekly basis. A professional Charge coach will guide you through the workout in real-time while providing tips on maximizing the workout’s effectiveness. 

Planning to set your PR at 13.1 or 26.2 miles? Trust us, you still need the speed work! From coach and running columnist Philip Latter, “The biggest gains for marathoners stem from something called running economy, or the amount of oxygen required to run at a given pace. Speed training—just like weight training and plyometrics—recruits underused muscles and increases the stiffness (read: springiness) of muscles so they return more energy with every stride.”   


Weekend mornings are for long runs! Every Saturday morning at 7:00am ET (11:00am GMT), PR Race PRoject runners can hop in the Charge Running app for a LIVE 90 minute long run, building strength, aerobic fitness, and muscular fatigue resistance along with mileage week after week. Plus, you get the guidance of a professional coach, real-time stat updates, and a kickin’ playlist to keep you moving! 

No matter what distance race you’re preparing for, the weekly long run is key. According to coach Greg Mcmillan, "These adaptations [from a long run] help you in shorter races like the 5K because it's still primarily an aerobic activity…The more oxygen that you can deliver to the working muscles, the better your performance will be. And the stronger your muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments become, the more you are capable to conduct better race-specific training like intervals."

When/How to join the PR Race PRoject:

The PR Race PRoject kicks off on Tuesday, July 5th with the very first edition of the #SpeedDay workout at 6:00pm ET (10:00pm GMT)!

All you have to do is download the Charge Running app (App Store or Google Play Store), set up your profile, and sign up for any and all of the PR Race PRoject classes that you see listed on our expansive LIVE weekly schedule

The entire project series will run from Tuesday, July 5th through Saturday, October 4th. For the first 6 weeks (through August 13th) the PR Race PRoject runs/workouts will all be 100% FREE on the Charge Running app. No membership required and ALL are welcome so bring your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, or strangers! 

After August 13th PR Race PRoject athletes will receive exclusive Charge Running membership discounts up to 30% off in order to continue on with the progressive series towards their PR race goals!  

PR Race PRoject bonuses:

Not able to join live for every awesome PR Race PRoject class? No problem! Each and every run/workout will be added to the Charge Running app On-Demand section (under the “Hard Runs” category) upon completion. This means you’ll have access to the run/workout 24/7/365 to stay on track when your schedule allows.

Need a little more incentive to get out there and tackle the PR Race PRoject? Each runner who participates in every class through August 13th will receive an immediate free 30-day membership to Charge in order to keep their progress going! 

What? You need even more incentive? Well in that case…all athletes who participate in every PR Race PRoject classes, both #SpeedDay and #RunLong, through October 4th will win exclusive Charge Running swag, plus they’ll be entered to win additional free Charge Running memberships!

Get ready for your upcoming PR race by joining Charge Running TODAY! We’ll see you all out there fore the epic PR Race PRoject!