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Casey Green
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November 23, 2021

More and more runners are choosing to bring their phones along with them while they run. For a variety of valid reasons, having your phone on hand during your training run or workout is incredibly handy. For safety. In order to listen to your favorite music. So that you can use the great resources of apps like Charge Running. Whatever the individual reason, your phone is coming along with you during your run. There are MUCH better ways of keeping your phone moving along with you than having it death-gripped in your sweaty hand. So, what’s the best way to carry your phone on your run? Well, that depends on your personal preference.

Polling all of our amazing, professional Charge Running Coaches, we’ve come up with a few great options to try out for your next run. Carry your phone on your run comfortably, securely, and without sacrificing performance with any of these great options.

5 Ways To Carry Your Phone On Your Run

Best ways to run with your phone!

Running Belt

Likely the most common substitute for holding one’s phone while running, there are tons of great running belt options out there now. You’ll want one that doesn’t slip down. Stays tight and comfortable, and has plenty of room for a variety of items. Personally I prefer to have my items evenly distributed about my waist. This means I'm look for running belts with a series of pocket options. Best bang for your buck? MoKo makes a very affordable and durable running/activity belt. 


The “classic” approach to carry your phone during your run, running armbands really rose to fame with the onset iPods (remember those???). Now they’ve transitioned to being fully functional for even the biggest, newest phone. No longer the preferred method for most runners, they're still significantly better than having to carry your phone in your hand during your workout. The main factor to avoid is altering your upper body running mechanics and arm swing. Ultimately your goal should always be to obstruct your efficient running movements as little as possible. Try the TRIBE running armband for an affordable, secure and comfortable fit.

Running Vest

One of the newest additions to the arsenal of phone-carrying alternatives, there are a few great options of running vests that have added safety features on top of phone storage. With added reflective elements for safety in darker running conditions, running vests are great options for freeing up your hands and still being able to comfortably carry your phone on your run. The FreeTrain V1 or VR running vest are all the rage now, and for good reason. They are not at all burdensome. They’re fully adjustable and keep your phone secure in an easy-to-access front pouch. Plus, as noted, they all feature fully reflective material.

5 tips for how to carry your phone on your run!


Pockets, oh pockets! Is there any element of clothing more underrated than a great set of pockets? I think not. Quality pockets in athletic clothes, and especially running shorts, are unfortunately not as common as they should be. However, the right pair of running shorts or running pants/tights with a proper pair of pockets are the perfect substitute to carrying your phone in your hand. Fabletics has great options with fitted pockets in active leggings if that’s your style. Otherwise, for shorts looks towards Lululemon or Brooks for some made-for-running shorts with awesome pocket options. 

Running Satchel

Last, but certainly not least, when it comes to options for carrying your phone while you run, we have the running satchel! Also a newer addition to the running equipment arena, satchels or sling bags can be just as secure as other options but provide less disruption to your running mechanics. Essentially a high-performance fanny pack, on your back, running satchels have tons of storage space for your phone and more. Coach Donovan specifically recommends the Janji Multipass Sling Bag as the go-to option for carrying everything you need on a run or workout. 

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